Dangan Ronpa,

School of Mutual Killing

What the hell is Dangan Ronpa?
Let me tell you about Dangan Ronpa. So basically these high school students enroll into Hope's Peak Academy, a school wihch has two main requirements. "One must be a high-school student" and "One must be top in their respective field". It is often said that "Graduating from this school leads to certain success in life", however, one simply cannot enroll into Hope's Peak Academy and there are no entrance exams. You don’t go to them - they come to you. Enrollment is by invitation only. Each student is given a special title along the lines of "Super Highschool Level X" that is based on their special talent in which they excel in. However, most of this information is irrelevant to the true nature of Dangan Ronpa. These students, who thought themselves amongst the best to enroll in this school, eventually find themselves trapped, with no escape other than to "Graduate" as Monokuma puts it. In order to graduate, all one must do is murder another one of the students and get away with it. Once a murder occurs, an investigation begins amongst the students, followed by a class trial. If the culprit, or rather, "Villain" is chosen correctly, he or she alone will be the one "Punished" and the other students will continue their lives in the academy. However, if the "Villain" is chosen incorrectly, he or she will graduate and be allowed to leave the academy, the other students made to face his or her "Punishment instead. No need to mince words though, when Monokuma says "Punishment", the true nature of what this means is simple. "Execution" though these students may not be willing to kill each other so easily, that is when Monokuma provides "Incentives" in order to get them to kill each other... In other words, motives. That is, in essence, what Dangan Ronpa is. A murder mystery amongst students in a locked down academy, with Monokuma at the head of it all.

First and foremost, while many of us have already played and finished Dangan Ronpa, there are still a few of us, or perhaps new people, who haven't finished the game, so try to keep yourself from unneccsarily spoiling things to a minimum. We generally use the term "Super High School Level X" instead of "Super Duper High School X" as it is the preffered translation of the majority of our group members. Anyone is welcome to make a Dangan Ronpa character and join, don't mind if someone already has a character you want, not everyone is always in the chat anyway, and in the case of dupes, don't worry about it too much, though it will be a first come first serve type of thing if we're in a roleplay, unless this is later dicussed and disagreed upon. What we have planned for the future, such as for class trials or investigations has yet to be decided, although feel free to join Gasai Yuno's F-List Class Trials that she hosts on her own time if you desire to do so. With that said, welcome to the group, feel free to despair; you're going to be here for quite awhile, upupupupu.... Credit @ Hakuyrus for edits.