*CLOSED* Eagle County: A Werewolf Ranch *CLOSED*

Eagle County Website! *CLOSED*

Setting: Ruined City, Colorado

**REAL LIFE: This Comes first over role play**

Role Play and Room Owner ~ Alise


Eagle County

The Ranch as been returned and reclaimed by Simon and Alise (Origonal Owners/Makers of the room and pack)

Group Page under some work!

Werewolves are Main Creatures


Room Rules

We Reserve the Right to refuse Role Play!!

Not all characters work in OUR role play.

Currently we are not linked or combined with another role play/pack.

Respect everyone within the room and follow the main rules!!

Don't come in expecting us to post FOR you, come in determined and wanting to role play.

Use SOME propper grammer and spelling, we are not english teachers we all make mistakes but please...use SOME proper english.

Please READ the website before asking questions, if you ask a question that is laid out on the website you WILL be told to go read.

Werewolves are the MAIN focus of the role play, other species may or may not be allowed ask within!



Have a full profile with information on character not necesarly a full backstory, but something that helps us guage the character.

Use realistic face claims (AKA pictures)

Characters need to be looked over by mods before play.