This is a mostly IC RP room for young boys and fans there of. 

The setting and characters allowed may vary if the one below gets old.



A large and very well funded boys boarding school in a quiet mountain town.

The surrounding land is heavily wooded with a large lake and wildlife typical of a mountainous temperate climate.  

There is a very small town nearby which subsists primarly on lumber and the pocket money of the boys and staff brought in from out of town.



The interplay between the boys, the staff and the occassional guest.  Focuses on boys being boys, lots of public and casual sex and the occassional romance.



Please focus on In Character interaction as much as possible.  OOC is appropriate to ask questions revolving around the RP, or to greet newcomers.


Characters Allowed



Young boys.  Clandestine boyish girls (Reverse Traps) allowed, if they are actively trying to pretend to be boys, strap-ons may be required.


Adults with breasts, cocks and balls also allowed.

Guests (In PMs Only)

The family members of students, typically parents or siblings

Invaders (In PMs Only)

Students from the neighboring girls boarding school, typically girls or clandestine boys (Traps)



1)Be nice or be silent

2) Respect the requests of the owners and the mods or leave.

3) If you want to RP in the chat, have a character with a picture, and a description of the need to know details.