Others Only Room


1) Only characters other than those traditional women/men girls/boys may enter the room. Examples: Traps, Femboys, Tomboys, Herms, Cunny-boys Shemales, Crossdressers, Transsexuals, Transvestites, Transgenders
Note: Apologies to anyone that doesn't like these words.

2) You must fill out your profile before you enter the room. A picture of the character and a description are required. You may be asked to take your character out of the room if your profile is not sufficiently filled out.

3) If you don't like someone, or something, keep it to yourself. This isn't a place for negativity.


Like a rave, the setting is always a spacious, out of the way place.   There are a few common items in every meeting.

The Potluck Table

Cheese pizza and drinks are always provided, but brining in treats is highly encouraged.  Treats in green bowls are vegetarian.  Treats in red bowls contain alcohol or drugs.  Treats in blue bowls contain magical elements.

The Cuddle Piles

Pallets of pillows, couches, inflatable pools filled with plastic balls, and all manner of other comfy things are brought in by forklift and heaped in large piles in the center of the room.

The Anonymous Stalls

For those too shy to have sexings in public, there are the anonymous stalls.  Some are only big enough for a single person with a hole leading to another stall. (OOC: If you enter one of these, you can put it in your status)

The Privacy Stalls

Others stalls are big enough for two people to have a private session. (OOC: To announce IC that you are taking your partner to PMs, you can say that you're taking them to a privacy stall.)


The Juice Bar

This is where the owners make their money.  For those who want something special that isn't available at the potluck, sit at the bar and order up your favorite poison.