Primary setting: Oa


Subsettings located on Oa: 

Temporary Oan Housing: All Lanterns have a bedroom on Oa for use during their stays. Rookies, until graduation, share 3 to a room. This housing is similar to dormitories or efficiency apartments. 

Permanent housing on Oa can be purchased or rented. Such housing is similar to Earth's apartments and comes in varying sizes depending on what you want to spend. 


  • Dining Hall: The dining hall can accommodate any Green Lantern's nutritional needs. The executive chef specializes in replicating dishes from across the universe... except Earth foods. 

  • Warriors: A restaurant owned by Guy and Gal Gardner, serving Earth's American fast foods, dinners, and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Rookies are not technically allowed in, but Guy's not the type to tell. 

  • Hall of Great Service: Houses the Book of Oa. This is a library of the stories and deeds of the finest Green Lanterns of all time. An archivist files all the stories as they come in. 

  • Hazard Simulation Facility: All rookie Green Lanterns endure a series of tests to determine their viability in the field. The hazard simulation facility allows for safe, non-lethal training scenarios to be enacted. Senior Corpsmen may also wish to use the facility if they're getting a bit soggy. 

  • Meeting Hall: Lanterns receive their briefings and assignments in the central meeting hall.

  • Memorial Hall: A memorial erected to Green Lanterns who lost their lives in the line of duty.
  • The Sciencells: The sciencells were constructed to contain the most ruthless criminals in the universe. No inmate has ever been rehabilitated successfully.

Sector Houses are located within each sector and contain limited recreational activities, temporary stores of necessities and temporary holding cells for prisoners to accomodate traveling Lanterns. 

RPs are welcome to take place all over the galaxy, of course, this is just what you have to come home to, Recruits. 


Teaching staff

Guy Gardner

Gal Gardner

R'amey Holl


Positions open, please apply. This is not an application for a moderator job, though some may be promoted. Rather, it is a position you take saying you will be happy to RP with new recruits in the position of a mentor/trainer, thus being a friendly face for all the poozers. Taking one of these positions indicates you are PM friendly as well as willing to RP in the room.

Of course this does not mean you are available at every beck and call; do not fear that someone could force you or pressure you into RP. If staff is busy, they are busy. 


The Guardians expect all teaching staff to maintain security standards within their sector as well as teaching duties. Only Earth Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner are exempt as sector 2814 has two other Lanterns on duty. 




The Guardians are on a recruitment drive. They need 3,600 new bodies to refill the Corps and you could be one of the lucky new recruits. Will you accept the ring with honor or attempt to shun its power? Come to Oa and learn how to serve your sector, and the galaxy, from the best Green Lanterns the Corps has to offer. 


The story is intended to begin during or shortly after Green Lantern Corps: Recharge. However, Oa seems to have become a hot bed for dimensional and time rifts. So anything is possible. The dead can come back, other universes could fall into our own and new enemies could appear with every fluctuation of space. 

- No kill orders are currently in effect for all Green Lanterns. Even if you are from another dimension or time, no Green Lantern ring will allow lethal force while here. 




- Any character from a comic book style setting (including movies, cartoons and original characters in such settings), within reason, is welcome to visit Oa - we assume you have proper transportation or are friendly with a Lantern who might bring you, of course. Teaching positions are available to non-Lantern members until the Guardians have an appropriate number of replacements trained. 

- Profiles that are not comic book related in any way may observe the room and talk OOC with others, but please do not enter the room IC until you have an appropriate character. 

- Multi profiles are welcome, just make it clear which character you are playing. 


- Multiples of canons will exist. You do not own a canon character so please do not be upset if someone else comes in with the same character or if a character you like is already being played. There is room enough on Oa for all of us. 


- No smut in the room. None OOC and none IC. We're all adults here, but we don't need to see your passion that closely. Public displays of affection (ie. kissing and hugging) are fine, but if bodily fluids are going to start getting heavily involved, or would be involved if you were a human who had such fluids, you need to take it to IM.

- No racial slurs. This is most important OOC, as there's no reason to offend other players for no reason. If a character speaks in such a way that is fine, but it should remain IC only.  


- Keep OOC in brackets. 


- Do not take OOC drama IC, do not take IC drama OOC. 

- Do not disparage another's character either directly or indirectly (Ie. "I have always hated that character", "I hate Blue Lanterns" and "I wish someone would make a good Vath Sarn" when another is currently present are all ooc statements that could be grounds for punishment). If a character bothers you, just pretend they are not there and avoid RPing with that person. If the person is trying to RP with you and you'd rather they stop, PM them to ask they do so. If the person persists after being told to stop, screenshot and send it to a room owner or mod.

- If you must make negative comments, keep them more positive. "Blue Lanterns have never been my thing," is a good example. A great example though is "I love Red Lanterns the most."


- You are free to deny RP to anyone and free to remove yourself from an RP at any point in time. You are not required to RP with anyone. 


- You are allowed and encouraged to use the block button if you do not get along with someone. 


- No autoing without permission - discuss it in IM beforehand if you want to do something with someone else's character. 


The guardians will closely monitor all Lantern, and visitor, behavior. If they feel a violation has occured they will hold a trial on Oa (the moderators will convene after hearing all sides). Disciplinary actions are as follows: 


1. Probation and supervision by the Guardians (warning)


2. Temporary Exile from Oa (temporary ban)


3. Expulsion from the Corps (permanent ban)


Behavior particularly unbecoming of a Corps member, such as trolling, may result in immediate expulsion from the Corps.