Santa Cruz, California. The year is 1986, and summer has just begun to set in on the expansive cityscape, turning daytime into slogging, scorching heatwaves and nights into cool, placid sanctuaries of merriment and joviality. In the hustling, bustling, urban sprawl of the city, life continues as normal. As it has always done. Cars honk, and pedestrians shake their fists to any would-be hit and run ne'er do wells that would see them turned into sanguine road jelly in a bid to get to their destinations that much faster. Buses fill the air in a dense haze of smog that permeates into every nook and cranny of the city's already cramped real estate, making the days; which crest 100°F during their hottest periods, even less bearable. People play out their peaceful lives, innocent of any imperceptible peril that could be waiting behind any corner, or down any dark, secluded alleyway.
The sun rises and sets in the sky, giving way to the sweet relief of night - a respite from heat and hardship from the past day. With it, came the all too familiar smell of charcoal burning grills, and the sounds of children excitedly running about in their idyllic little suburban neighborhoods. The most recent graduating seniors of the year, specifically the 3/4th's of the city's teenaged population that attended the aptly named 'Holy Cross Highschool', have just been set free from the oppressive shackles of the American educational system. By all accounts, the city of Santa Cruz is normal, like any other. But recently, strange things have been happening in the city... a bevy of new arrivals, all of whom came without children, are settling in the quiet burb of Pleasant Lane. At first glance, each one seems as conventional as the next. But without knowing why, they seem to bring a sweeping uneasiness to the local denizens...

Fast forward a month, and summer is in full swing. The days are longer and hotter, and the nights offer even less relief from the blistering sun. The city has only grown more bizarre in the days since summer vacation started. Sudden disappearances and random acts of violence are on the rise. Horrifying, ominous sounds can be heard coming from the sea. Groups of hooded figures meet in secret, and under cover of darkness, enacting strange and terrible rituals far-flung from the public eye. And the lighthouse; a landmark of the city, which itself is situated in the far side of an old naval cemetery, fills the town with an overarching sense of dread with its strange luminescence and eerie, back alley goings-on. Local law enforcement and political officials assure the townspeople that there is nothing to fear, and yet, a stark sense of impending doom envelops the city - seemingly choking the very life from it by the day. You are one such denizen of Santa Cruz, caught up in a cosmic struggle of gargantuan proportions that most couldn't even begin to fathom.

Something strange is going on here.. Will you fall victim to the ethereal hand that grips the city in the throes of creeping madness? Or will you remain stalwart, and get to the bottom of whatever seems to be happening? Only time will tell...


The Story so Far

Beyond our universe, and beyond most mere mortals ability to grasp, lie entities. Strange and terrible presences that exist between the dimensions, always present - everywhere, but unseeable. Unknowable at their core. But possessing a power far greater than any other force in the universe. These entities are known as Outer Gods - strange, cosmic beings that exist just beyond the fringes of physical reality. Little is known about them, aside from the sobering fact that they possess a will, and an inextricable power to carry out that will. Throughout the history of man, strange whispers have been uttered of otherworldly beings, possessing immense strength and ability. From the dawn of the earliest civilizations of mankind, these legends have been passed down - with primitive settlements having particular groups of individuals who broke from the norm to revere these entities as gods on high. These sects practiced their fell religion in secret, for if they were ever discovered for bearing witness to what many would consider such false, malignant idols, they would surely be persecuted with extreme prejudice. Rituals of worship and veneration to these Outer Gods were rites of passage; oftentimes involving sacrifice of blood, or items of value to appease the creeping entities that sat on high in the cosmos. As time, and advancement proceeded man, so too did the veneration and complexity of these religions, or 'Cults.' Decades, centuries of staring into the abyss yielded forbidden knowledge, allowing these hereticating orders to communicate, even beseech the Outer Gods for their favor; at a terrible price. The Outer Gods don't seem to curry and specific favor with the human race, or any specific human therein. They operate expressly for their own benefit, and in line with their own interests. Throughout history, these gods have been called upon for a multitude of reasons. From revenge, to bountiful harvest. The acquisition of power, even for the purposes of procreation.

From the ancient Egyptians, to the Greeks, the Turks, and the great dynasties of China. No matter the culture, or the reason. The result remains the same. Bargaining away something precious, unknowingly or otherwise, for the assistance of a creature the human race has never, and will never truly understand. Despite this stark reality, humans continue to worship these beings - creating complex orders of dark worship to pay tribute to their specific Outer God of choice. One such Outer God is called Yog-Sothoth. To his fanatical congregation, Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread. Many outside of the sect, aptly dubbed the " Hermetic Order of the Old and Outer Gods", view the entity as Ah'mgehye. Gn'th'bthnk. N'gha. N'ghft. Nilgh'rishuggogg. H' ah nog. H' ah nog. 'drn ahor na'ah'ehye r'luhhor ng tharanak shuggogg zhro. H' ah nog. H' ah nog Regardless. The order remained, its traditions being passed down from generation to generation until finally the group was forcibly disbanded by the Holy Catholic Church for its heresy. Those who didn't comply with the churches orders were murdered, brutally, their anguished screams casting themselves up to the heavens in hopes of reaching their ethereal, cosmic masters. These cries, of course, fell on deaf ears, and history moved on. The Order fell into obscurity with each passing decade, until finally dissolving from the annuls of time themselves. The Outer Gods still remained, however. And Yog-Sothoth himself

sworetoreturn.itwillnotbeforgotten.itisyourgod.itisthebeginningandtheend.itwill freeitsbrethrenandtheywilltakethoftheworldwhatisrightfullytheirs.fall.falltoyourkneesand worship.pitifulfleshprimate.youwillrememberit.itwillberevered.itwillcomeagain.

The modern day. With the propagation of widespread knowledge, and the invention of several scientific theories to better explain the natural order of the world, mysticism has all but phased out of existence. Far gone are the days of firelit rituals to the backdrop of rhythmic tribal drumming. The modern world is civilized, to a degree. People wear clothes, drive cars, and practices the social eccentricities of new age, gentlemanly society. Santa Cruz (the name literally translates into 'Holy Cross') is a city steeped in this principle. Or at least, as steeped as an urban city in 1986 America can be. There are still the louts and layabouts, and the rude who stain the city's great name with their emphatic penchants for causing dissidence. But by and large, Santa Cruz is quite the pleasant place to live. Perhaps it is this fact that supports its boastful population of around 45 thousand and growing monthly.




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