Rule 1: No drama unless it is IC. Otherwise deal with it yourself.

Rule 2: Ask the Alphas or Betas about joining via IM's.

Rule 3: OOC BS will be at a minimum while IC rp is going on. If there is an issue take it to IM's.

Rule 4: 18 or over wolves only, pups will have to be approved through the mated couple and the Alpha. Mature Content advised.

Rule 5: Humans are not allowed in the den when they do come by. Don't expect a warm welcome when and if you have weapons drawn. We are wolves and not all of us like humans. Humans can stay outside of the territory line. If caught in the territory you will be hunted down even if you don't have any intention of doing harm. Not to mention we have pups I can't risk them being harmed by someone welding a sword. So if you do come in you need to beware.


However, there is a way around this. If you are human and you want to be a turned, you can PM me and I will set it up. Once it is done, you belong to the pack, and will start out as omega. 

Rule 6: There are certain characters not allowed within the room or group, As follows; No Demons, no vampires, No angels, no shifters, nekos or anthros and no Dragons and or their riders. No anime either or smut. No magic users at all. No warlocks, no witches, no mages, no magic what so ever. Just wolves.

Rule 7: No Smut profiles allowed, meaning do not even bother entering the room. You will be auto banned, however, if you want to join, refer to Rule 2. No lurking in the room either. Why be in the room if you are not going to rp.

Rule 8: If you want to rp, don't wait on anyone to start it for you. Come up with a post yourself and let others decide if they want to join in or not.

Rule 9: No godmoding, silver can hurt us, in the heart it can kill us. Decapitation works wonders but you have to get pretty close for that. Fire works pretty good too. Werewolves can heal; the older you are the faster you can heal, depending on how bad the wound is. Healers can help with that process much faster, like taking out a bullet so the Were can start healing. This goes for changing too, first changes with hurt like hell and most wolves do not survive the change.

Rule 10: If you are an alpha and you come into my room, do not recruit or steal my members. You will be booted. If you come into my room and you're not of my pack and you try to talk members into leaving or not joining, i'll ban you. It will not be tolerated in my room. My mods will ban you too.

Rule 11: Your profile needs realistic pics. The only exception is the Wereform. Your choice to have either or, a Human and werewolf or a Human , werewolf and a four legged wolf form.

Rule 12: These rules are set to keep order and control chaos. Follow them and we won't have a problem.


Chain of Command


Alpha: Mick

Beta: (2 more)

Delta: (2 More)

Warriors: (4 more)

Hunters: (4 More)

Scouts: (4 More)

Healers: (4 more)

Pup sitters/Caretakers: (4 More)


Omegas: (Unlimited)