• General Information
  • Magic Information
  • Tech Information
  • Faction Information
  • Story Information
  • Rule Section
 General Information

Basic Information: 

The name of the world that people will be rping in is called Terra Ignoto Deo, it means Land of the Unknown God. In this world there are two big factions, they are both different sides of fantasy. One one side is magic, which has its own half of the world, and the other side is sci-fi tech, within certain limitations. 

"Mission" of the group:


This group is meant to be a stepping stone from Multirealm Inn. While MRI is coined a RP "Gateway Drug" this is the next evolution of the basics that people start off with in the MRI. The new group is meant to have a darker and gritier storyline or Plot Arc that will evolve every month or so.


In Regards to the Month Arcs:

NO MEMBER WILL BE FORCED TO PLAY WITH THE STORY, BUT PLOT WILL ONLY BE DONE WHEN INVOLVED MEMBERS ARE ONLINE AND READY TO PLAY. In non-caps this means that the primary people who are involved with the "main" plot have to be online for it to be pushed forward, otherwise minor plots, character to character, or such things are okay and can be done at any time.


POWER LIMIT CANNOT EXCEED 24 BRICKS OF C4, or for those that need a visual this video


World Backstory:

In the beginning magic was running rampant throughout the lands, even going so far as splitting the single giant landmass into two completely separate ones. Humanity was infused with magic, and thus grew into capable wizards and mages. Over time the animals became heavily exposed to this magic and started to mutate into beasts of destruction. The mages on one side of the world banded together and created an impassable barrier over the entire landmass which also drained the beasts there of all their magic influence, turning them back into docile creatures.

Over time this barrier began to soak the magic from all living creatures outside of the barrier, even humans. In order to survive from the now super mutated creatures the now magicless humans began to develop advanced technologies. Over time they created more and more advanced technology, nanomachines and cyborg body parts, laser weapons even. Nuclear and biological weapons were not delved into due to the target that caused the technology to increase at a rapid pace, thus only conventional weapons exist.

The Barriers finally fell down, now two land masses had two completely different government styles, citizens, cultures, and ideas. It was not long before the two completely different sides began to bicker, and for war to rise up and consume the world.


I made a map :D

 Magic Information

Capital for Magic Users


Name: Baile


Baile is located in the northern most area of the Eibhir landmass. The city is dotted with several large spiral towers and the ebbs and flows of magic visible across the city's skyline. The massive city is enormous, taking two days at a running pace to get from one side to the other. Pollution is low due to the use of magic to obliterate said pollution and purify the air and water used by the citizens. Almost everyone is a magic user in this city and unlike most places throughout the land of Eibhir non-magic citizens are treated just as well as magic citizens. The city has a anti-intrusion barrier that disallows any non-permitted person entry into the land. This is the seat of power for the Dhaingniu faction.

Magic Classes:

    Pros: Can Cast Curses, Channel Summons, Use Dark Magic, No Elemental or Holy Magic
    Cons: Cannot specalize in other schools of magic, weak against Full cyborgs and Nanobodies

Typical Roles: Enchanters, Necromancers, Support Warriors


    Pros: Specialize in more than 4 school of magic, very adaptable.
    Cons: Cannot cast high level spells in any magic school.

Typical Roles: Warrior-Mages, Enchanters, Support, Healers, Necromancers.


    Pros: Specializes in only two schools of magic, can cast medium high to high-low spells.
    Cons: Cannot cast highest level spells, cannot learn more than two schools of magic.

Typical Roles: Warrior-Mages, Enchanters, Frontline fighters, Intelligence Roles


    Pros: Specializes in one school of magic, thus highest level spells, extremely devastating in combat, close or long ranged.
    Cons: Only one school of magic thus not highly adaptable, are usually glass cannons

Typical Roles: Warrior-Mages, Enchanters, Healers, Support, Intelligence Roles.


Magic Schools: 

Fire: Destruction
Water: Healing and Destruction
Air: Support and destruction
Earth: Support
Lightning: Destruction
Nature: Healing and Support
Arcane: Support and Destruction

Tech Information

Capital for Tech Users


Name: Krung


The Capital city of Krung is dotted with skyscrapers and industrial buildings. Despite the presence of such industrial buildings the air in the city is clean and pure, there is little to no polution in the city and for the most part employement is high and the people are happy. Krung is the seat of power for the Serphaph Faction. There is a similar barrier in the city like it's counterpart, but instead of using a magic barrier as the city of Baile does Krung uses electromagnetic identification fields.

Tech Body Types
    Pros: High Speed Regeneration, Immunity to status effects, upgrade-able "software"
    Cons: Only slightly above human level strength, cannot repair self or others, only slightly enhanced durability.

typical role: Sniper, Hacker, Infiltrator.


Full Cyborg:
    Pros: Superhuman strength, high durability, immunity to status effects, upgrade-able soft and hard-ware. 
    Cons: Unable to repair self, vulnerable to electrical overload.

Typical role: Tank, Soldier, Demolitions


Partial Cyborg:
    Pros: Above average strength in cyborg limbs, upgrade-able software, upgraded durability.
    Cons: Affected by poison, toxins, and status effects, unable to repair self if cyborg parts encompass both arms/hands, vulnerable to electrical overload in cyborg parts.

Typical Role: Solider, Sniper, Hacker, Demolitions, Infiltrator.

    Pros: Can Build New Technology, Can repair all other body types, only need food and water to "heal".
    Cons: Affected by poison,toxins, and status effects, human level strength and durability, fatal wounds are fatal.

Typical Role: Demolitions, Sniper, Hacker, Engineer

Tech Classes:

Sniper: Long Range Weapons

Hacker: Systems Infiltration (can hack into magical systems)

Infiltrator: Enemy Position Infiltration

Tank: Bullet and Spell Sponge

Soldier: Light/Heavy weapons

Demolitions: Explosions!

Engineer: Physical and Virtual Technology Development and Research (Also called PhiViT)



Faction Information



Technology Faction: 
Name: Serphaph (sir-faf)
Members: All Four Classes of Tech
Prominant Members:
Leader: Jake "Jackel" Flan
Sub-Leader: Tatska Oai
Government Style: Democratic republic
Nak-Kha: Assassination, Spy functions, intelligence gathering
Khn: Public facilities, fire stations, police, etc.
Kradas: Government facilities, record keepers, librarians
Xanac: Bulk Army/Navy/Air Force


Magic Faction:
Name: dhaingniú (De-ha-ing-ne-oo)
Members: All Four Magic Classes
Priminant Members:
Leaders: Asta Rain, Ista Rain, Slyva Seta, James Heddle, and Tor Slah
Government Style: Aristocracy
Lasair: Agressive Magics (fire, lightning, wind, holy and dark magics, etc.) Industry
Oighear: Healing magics (Water, earth, life, holy, etc) Public Facilities such as hospitals and daycares, etc.
Talamh: General education, intelligence gathering, etc.
Scamall: High Magics, enchanting, illusions, general army. (Divination, Arcane magic, enchanting, etc.)


Neutral Faction:

Name: Sol
Leader: Anima
Sub-Leaders: Umbra and Lumen
Commanders: Ignis, Aqua, Ventus, Terra, Fulmen.
Classes: All Allowed and Hybrids.


Hybrid classes are player created classes, they are for advanced RPers that are familiar with the word balance. Hybrid classes are mod approved only. Each hyrbid can have a few strengths from different "pure" classes but they must have at least one "con" of the classes they are pulling from. Example:


School: Fire
Pro: Physical power of a full cyborg, able to cast destructive magic
Cons: Cannot repair self, cannot access high level spells, lightning does extra damage, prone to spontanious combustion.


The Sol Faction is unique in that it has no home base. The members of the Sol Faction travel all over the world and infiltrate all manners of other factions and their government branches. The names of the high ranking members of the Sol Faction are not people but titles.
Anima is a well rounded individual with great plan making skills and foresight.
Umbra is typically deeply vested in infiltration and assassination
Lumen is most comfortable with creating battle and economic destruction strategies.
Ignis is good at combat, they are typically a powerhouse.
Aqua oversees all forms of healing and repairs
Ventus typically is a well rounded person like Anima but acts on instinct rather than foresight
Terra is a stoic person that is responsibile for any and all facilities that the Faction has
Fulmen is in charge of terrorism and blitz type battles against other factions.


These are titles, not people, and are subject to change at any time. The Sol Faction  finds you, you do not find them.


Current Story Information

No current story information, group is still getting updated and such!



Obligitory Rule Section



1.) Respect yourself and others
  a.) Everyone's Characters Are Accepted.
  b.) Do not troll or harass someone. T'will not be tolerated.
  c.) Respect the wishes of others, if they do not wish to be bothered, do not bother them.
  d.) Please handle problems via PM and in a respectable mature manner.
  e.) You do not have to like the mods, but you DO have to respect them. They have EARNED their positions.
  f.) Not everyone's characters are going to get along, get over it.
  g.) No name calling, racial slurs, or sexist comments.
  h.) If you do not attempt to start an RP, do not complain about there being no RP.

2.) General RP rules.
  a.) No God Moding.
     i.) No meta-gaming.
     ii.) Do not make your character invincible. They must be defeatable if you are going to fight.
     iii.) Do not auto-shot/hit/action/kill

              **Autoing is defined as: Doing anything pertaining directly to another character without giving the option to counter or deny.**
     iiii.) Have an energy limit if you're going to fight.
  b.) Do not troll.
  c.) Keep OoC to a minimum until we get an OoC room
  e.) Do not discriminate against post length
   i.) Do not rapid post one one or two liner right after another. It's annoying as hell and you WILL be warned and then kicked for it.
   f.) Just because someone doesn't object to your autoing doesn't mean it won't be called upon and dealt with. Autoing of ANY kind is detrimental to an RP and will be dealt with by warnings and bans.
   h.) If you don't use proper grammar/punctuation/spelling/capitalization. Do not complain about people complaining to you/getting ignored/voided. 
    i.) Take sexual RPs to PM. No Exceptions.

3.) Moderator Rules and how to file a complaint.
    a.) Keep neutral, do not take sides in issues.
    b.) PM fights cannot be dealt with by a mod unless the person is PMing multiple people. The mod can ask the person to stop the harassment and do nothing further.
         i.) Harassment to moderators can result in a kick or temporary ban.
 1.) A "modcheck" must be done before action is taken.
    a.) A modcheck is simply the harassed moderator posting the logs and informing another moderator of the situation.
    c.) If a moderator says an OoC discussion is done, it is done, no argument. Arguing with the moderators can result in kicks and bans.

    d.) Moderators cannot god mode. They can be called on this and reported to other moderators.
    e.) Moderators must be polite, they don't have to deal with your crap though.

4.) On the subject of kicks/bans.
A ban is almost always temporary unless you are a known group destroyer/troll. Trolls are instantly permanent banned. A ban can be appealed by the same way as filing a complaint against a moderator. Do the same process with a screenshot/logs of the incident and it will be reversed depending on what happened. The more information you can give with screenshots or copypasted logs helps get rid of the ban faster.