"Greetings my siblings. 


I am Vergil and you are about to step into the empire I have created. 


Hold no fear for the darkness embraces those who

allow it to take control. 


Take it, embrace it. 


It is your new lover

It is one with you. 


Oh... And cookies and other refreshments are complimentary... enjoy yourself. "

The Vertron Empire




Home to the Vertron Empire. 


Made up of  3 planets.  


Plant Planet

A complete paradise for Nature lovers and animals alike. This planet is made up of mostly water but for the 40% of land, it's a complete nature lover's paradise. 


Technology Planet

 Holding the bragging rights to the most advanced scientific civilization, there isn't much here that is out of date. Most civilians live here on the technology planet where life is easy and everyone is happy. 


Sacred Training Grounds

 An entire planet devoted to the martial arts.  Warriors as well as military personell are often sent here to train before going into the fleet ships that carry Vertron soldiers all over existance.



What The Vertron Empire is About



Vergil has created the Vertron Empire in order to protect those who would be claimed evil when they are completely innocent.

Civilians are mainly these. Protected by Vergil and his army, they live a live without crime for any crimes have their own consquences. The Military.


For those who have strong fighting abilities or those who break the law, Vertron's Military has been created to establish order throughout the universe. Either by taking over planets or protecting them, Vertron's might extends over much of not just the universe, but parallel universes as well.  With such power stretching out, it's rather obvious that from time to time the Intergalactic Police and the Vertron Empire butt heads. 



Siblings of Darkness


Honorary Members of the Vertron Empire.

Selectively picked out by Vergil, these members have more freedom to do whatever without punishment by Vergil. 


Military Ranks


Emperor: Lord Vergil


Queen: Akira 


Right Hand: The Diablos


Left hand: Open


Siblings of Darkness: 

  Toxic [Kitana Hasanobi]




Captains: Open


Liutenants: Open


Foot Soldiers: Open


Rules and Other Stuff





 Seriously, keep that shit out of here. I don't care for it and I'll boot your friggin ass in a heart beat.


2.  No Oneliners

3.  Respect one another

This goes along with the no drama, but please you don't have to like someone but you will respect them in the room. 


4.  No Godmode

Seriously, don't do this shit. There's a difference between being powerful and godmoding. I know the difference and I'll smash your skull with the hammer! 



This group is still a work in progress. 

But it looks alot better now than it did!