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Welcome to Hogwarts. This group is being severely overhauled. I want all existing and new members to understand that this is a roleplaying group for Harry Potter. Any and all characters will be accepted, no matter the timeline. All we ask is that you are logical in making your character (ie: no children of canonically dead characters, first year animagi). Other than that, our only rules will be that you respect one another and keep off-topic squabbling to yourselves. I want everyone to feel welcomed. After all, this is a place to have fun, not to stress. There are no rules about rosters, about being kicked from the group for inactivity, or anything like that. All "main plots" will be decided upon by group members, and will not be a necessity for all members to participate in. Thank you for reading!





Thank you for reading the group page and we delightedly await for you to join! Come find the magic of Hogwarts once again, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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