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1. God modding is forbidden. Do not kill a person's character without their permisson. Choose wisely who you rp with.


2. All characters originating from comicbooks and related/fan created media (cartoons, videos, novels, games, ect.) are welcome. Characters that are from anime and manga that have nothing to do with the superhero genre, however, are not. (Though, if the anime is an anime of a comicbook, charatcters from it are alright. The same for characters from super hero genre anime such as one punch man.) The room has a theme that should followed.


3. Original characters are fine. Try to make them resonable if they are super-powered in some way. (I should note that if you're using an anime picture for your oc, that's fine. But if it's just an anime character but you made a minor change to it, you will be kicked.)


4. Characters who are used purely for smut are not welcome. If you have a profile that isn't purely smut, but accepts smut roleplay, that's fine.

(That being said. No smut in the room. Keep it at making out and cuddling.)


5. Blank Profiles that don't have any or little information (Just a sentence, just baseball stats, ect.) or just an ooc are not allowed.

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