Welcome to RWBY, a new series by ROOSTERTEETH, created and directed by the amazing and legendary, Monty Oum!
Current Vol 6 out. Group a W I P


1.) Respect the owners and mods.
2.) Smut to the PMs, not in the room!
3.) Do not spoil episodes for the others, wait for a few days to pass or a full week. Not everyone can watch the most recent episode THAT day.
4.) No drama, bring that to PMs or a mod/owner will have to be involved.
5.) OCs are very much accepted, just be sure to follow Monty's instructions on OCs. Semblances will be judged by a mod or owner, nothing OP is wanted around here. OC guidelines stare here.
6.) No godmodding, of course.
7.) Group is a work in progress as its being reworked.
8.) No lurking please.
9.) Rules and info are subject to change soon, but this is what should be followed for now until everything is complete.


Current story lines and plots shall be listed here.


List of Teams and their members will go here.