NAME: Astolfo (Asstolfo)
Rank: Owner (by default).
Availability: Rarely.(PST)
I'm mostly only the owner because I had the group page available. If you need anything, it's best that you ask Xain or Frankenstein. That being said, I LOVE to RP and I'll be happy to do so when I'm around, okay?

This box is for important updates regarding the group, and events that have happened in the group related to storyline.

NAME: Xain
Rank: Moderator.
Availability: Most of the time. (EST)
Yo! I'm usually around even though I don't always speak in room. Chances are I'm harassing Frankenstein, or Asstolfo via PMs. I try and check my PMs as much as possible. Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions and i'll try my best to get back to you.
NAME: Frankenstein
Rank: Moderator.
Availability: Most of the time (CST)

Always around. Please PM for questions or more information if needed. - Grunt. -


Rule #1: The room is considered to be OOC. However if anyone in the room is RPing we ask that you keep OOC down to a minimum and that you do not bother those that are roleplaying in the room. Sexual roleplay between any characters should be taken to the PM's or into a different room.

Rule #2. Fate profiles only. Canons, or originals are welcomed. Anyone joining the room without a Fate profile will have 24 hours to decide if they will make a profile or not. After that 24 hours if the same name joins again they will be kicked for not having a Fate based profile.

Rule #3. Harassment of any members either via room or PMs will not be tolerated. If the victim can show proof, the offender will be warned, and on the second offence will be banned. SCREENSHOTS WILL BE REQUIRED AS PROOF! No copy/paste he said/she said.

Rule #4. Drama will not be tolerated. Anyone bringing drama to the room will be warned via a kick and a message from an admin/mod. The next offense will lead to a ban, no exceptions. We all know there are people that we can't tolerate, but keep it to yourself. This is for everyone and not for your personal wars.

Rule #5. Any OC joining is asked you contact a Mod or Admin about the character to insure the character does fit the lore.

Rule #6: Empty profiles are frowned upon, please take the time to add a picture and at least some information. Those with empty profiles will be instructed to fill them out by an admin/mod, and help will be offered.

I assume the plot will go here.