The need for speed
There are a few things that might help you for inspiration for a character. We suggest watching the Fast and Furious movies, playing games like Midnight Club, GTA, or Need for Speed. We are always looking for Racers, Criminals, Crooked Cops, And other wise homies from the hood. If you have a question, let either one of the owners or the mods know. Peace.


This the law yo

1. Absolutely no OOC drama ever. I'm serious. The moment you start with the OOC he said, she said, you will be banned, blocked, and forever gone from the group.

2. Out of Character and In Character are not the same thing. I am not my character and neither are you. What happens IC stays IC.

3. If you are being disruptive, annoying people constantly, or otherwise just being a dickweed, you will be banned.

4. This is a role play group, which means, that you are required to role play. This is not a general hang out for everyone and their mom. Yes, we will be OOC sometimes. No, we will not be this way all the time.

5. As this is a role play group, we ask that you at least manage three lines per post. We would like a full paragraph, but sometimes that's just not happening. Onelining will not be taken seriously.

6. Racing, drug deals, and arrests are done in the Story Format. This means that it needs to be decided between you and whoever you are rping with. If there is an issue with this, I will make a system named Don't Be a Pussy, Get Along This is an Adult Rp Site. If there is still a problem, bans and kicks will be delivered.

7. Godmodding is not allowed, see rule six for the solution to this.

8. Smut is allowed in the room as long as it is not the only thing being done all the time. There are other rooms for that and we would like plot driven rp as well as getting our rocks off.

9. Anyone has the right to deny rp from anyone for any reason. I don't have to rp with you if I don't like you and you don't have to rp with me.

10. Rules are subject to change and people can be kicked and banned for a "common sense" rule. i.e. Don't spam.


to Angie for letting me use her group layouts as a beginning. I just edited this shit, so if you want to original, don't ask me cuz it ain't mine bitches!

Layout: Angelica

Content: Sybella; Iguana



This shit

This is a modern, realistic group roleplay loosely based off of Fast and Furious, Need for Speed, Midnight Club, etc. We're in a world where the slow get ran over and the quickest get the pink-- slips. Where the straining roar of a red-lined engine erupts in smoke and the one who saved the nos for last takes the cash at the end of the neon rainbow. Cops can be crooked, crusader-like or just plain with the doughnut chewing, coffee slurping, pudgy in the center routine. Slap a few Ben's in a palm will either get you a turned eye or a cuffed wrist, you don't know who to trust though. A few dealers here and there, dabbling their hands in the black market for merch and chems; be careful who you deal with 'cause a stab in the back is worse than a bruised ego.

No room for anything that's not human. Setting can take place anywhere in the modern world, any real city or country of your choosing, as long as it's not too out of the loop. You're not going to win three hundred G's in a race a street race through Main-Drag, Antarctica. If you're Rping in a Tokyo setting and another person is Rping below you in... let's say New York. You can't suddenly be in New York, remember realism. And speaking of hopping from Japan to the U.S., a few times a year there are underground race wars in different countries. You've got to be one of the best to win these with the numerous participants expecting to be challenged.

The Racer - a finely tuned,driving machine, male or female. Gender doesn't matter when the foot's on the mat and you're in the lead. Despite popular opinion, women can drive. You won't always win and you won't lose every race, but you're going to be fair if you're racing... As fair as a black market, underground racer can be, anyway.

Good Cop - filled up on coffee to keep an ever-diligent eye on the streets during the night. It's hard to get a tip-off when there are other cops under a different pay-roll, but a heart of steel and a will of iron can't be bribed. You're the honorable and loyal; the only thing that stands between evil and the easily manipulated city streets.

Bad Cop - always bend the rules for those who give a healthy bonus. These weasels will work their position to aid and abet the criminal scum of the underground with false reports and bogus call-ins. With that extra income to buy all those luxurious things never before possible with the salary alone, the only thing you need to worry about is getting caught. Or shot in the back.

Dealer - dish out only the most pure and potent psychedelics, hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants. Whatever you're jonesing for we'll get that little fix and make you come back to drop another Big Ben. The top dealers have underlings to do their shit-work, leaving their hands clean if trouble starts... and bailing on little corner-man when something suspicious comes to light. Don't double-cross a drug lord. Broken knees are the worst of your worries.

Criminals - from the lowest, dirtiest thief to the intelligent, meticulous bank-robbers; criminals from all over the world are welcome in the underground. Unless you've fucked with big name on the Black Market. This is where any other heat(read:Police)-gathering member of society is listed. There were just too many for us to name so we had to give you guys the generic category.

Groupie - can be either gender because let's face it... A girl beating the fuck out of ten hard-ass motherfuckers in a race is pretty sexy. These are the ones who wanna jump your jeans, buff the pickle, pinch the bean you get the point. The type of guy or gal that gets off to knowing the one taking them (or vice-versa) is a racer, dealer, criminal/whatevs.

Miscellaneous - whatever the fuck you want to be. Still must be within the realm of realism. No demons, vamps, blah-blah. This is for any and all professions other than the possible ones offered. If you wanna be a car-wash employee, go for it. You wanna be a driver's significant other while remaining out of the loop of the Black Market, your choice.

Most Wanted

These are just some of the characters that we are really looking for at the moment, that doesn't mean you have to make them, but it would be nice if you did.

The Ringmaster - This is the man or woman who takes all the bets, deals with all the people, and sets up everything. He is the Organizer. There isn't anything that he doesn't have is finger in and he knows the how to, the what do, and the who doodoo. For more reference on how this people would be, think of Ludcaris in 2Fast 2Furious.

Sexy Kneegrow in Little Clothing - We need some sexy colored men. That's all there is too it. We need that, comeon.


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Johnny Burnside
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Bad Cops Blake Striker
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