Pokémon gijinkA

Gijinka are human beings that are either willingly or unwillingly genetically binded with a species of non-human origin. Here, that species is exclusive to Pokemon, either binded through experimentation, ulterior groups... or via 12 year old evil genius: Mandark. Their memories are typically intact in some way, whether just from their former selves or, occasionally, the combination of both. Here, their appearance is relatively human with distinct characteristics exclusive to their species.

Black City: Known as the city where escaped Gijinkas thrive. Many Gijinka who dwell here or hide have elected to help any others needing refuge. With an underground city of their own, it is not without residential areas, shoping centers, medical facilities -- and even pubs and bars. It's also a place to keep distance from humans as very few areas above the surface are accepting of their company.

White Forest: A haven for those who are one with nature and Gijinka and wildlife coexist peacefully. A handful of residential houses are level, but the majority of structures can be found amid the treeline. One tree in particular can be found in the center of town, branching to entwine with any nearby trees in the area. White Forest is also renowned for its tenure for healing the sick with an array of natural herbs.

New Location! Lumiose City: The hustle and bustle of the crowds and good company. With numerous shops and cafes all around, it's not very hard to blend in and feel comfortable. This is a place for Gijinka who've had unpleasant run-ins with humans regain their good standing. Offering residents equal social encounters, humans and Gijinka can coexist relatively peacefully. Additionally, it serves as a hot spot for those who enjoy fine dining or popular concerts.

New Location! Flareon's Bar: A small portside bar, owned by a rich ex-sailor. It also serves as the rumored base of operations for a minor criminal gang. Despite being owned by the mysterious ring leader, it is commonly referred to as "Sledges Bar" -- named primarily after the only Bartender who seems to be present for most of the day. Though Sledge himself may not always be on duty, the bar is always open to serve the public. The bar itself is easily accessible and accepting of everyone, regardless of species. So long as its two simple rules are adhered to, all walks of life will be welcomed within.  1) Try your best not to break anything inside, and 2) Don't touch the alcohol without consent from the bartender.

room regulations

1 'Gijinka' is a Japanese word that pertaines to a type of humanoid, personified, or anthropomorphic species. Gijinka belonging to this specific group must be exclusive to Pokemon. No exceptions.

2 NO BLANK PROFILES. Something simple is perfectly fine. We don't expect you to be a coding genius; a picture and a small paragraph about your character will suffice. Additionally, you cannot have a multi-character profile. The profile you have must pertain to one character. Otherwise up to 3 separate alts may be used within the room.

If you're having a hard time coming up with a story for your gijinka, start with this:

How did they become a gijinka? Were they "born" a gijinka? Or were they made a gijinka? Another experiment? If they were made a gijinka who made them? Was the process consensual? Who were they before they became a gijinka? What about their pokemon side, did they have an interesting history? Did the human side and the pokemon side know each other previously?

Character backstories and how they came to be is up to you, as long as it's not ridiculous. Born, made, created, ect, it doesn't really matter as long as your character doesn't fall into a zone that goes beyond reason. "My daddy was a Zapdos and my mom was a muk, I am a flying glop burd now." No, get out. Other than that...

No makin' babies. Room is smutt free, so no aftermath 'oh my darling lil' pikabby'. This is not the daycare, 'kay? Kay.

The exclusion to this that I'll make is "test-tube" babies. However, you need to keep in mind that while in that tube you are being infused with gijinka DNA, and so when you come out, you ARE the gijinka, up until that point you are human and it is possible to age. For the love of god though, do not go crazy with this or I'll change this.

3 Please keep smut or excessively mature topics/ images out of the main room. We all know that RPH is an 18+ site, but this room itself is not the place for it. Please keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable being around mature content in general. To prevent any offense or feelings of uneasiness, we ask that it respectfully stay out of the room.

4 No visible smut on profiles. If your tits/ vagina/ dick are hanging out, it's a no-go and will be addressed by a Mod. Please keep it hidden. * Because this has actually been an ongoing problem, please ask a Mod if you're unsure about your character. It should also be noted that things like bikinis are actual forms of clothing and thus are allowed.

5 No Godmodding. Again, this should be fairly obvious. If battles are happening and strikes are delivered, try to RP about as realistically as you can. You can't evade every attack or injury-- abuse of this rule will be dealt with accordingly.

6 You cannot combine two Pokemon together. You are either an Arcanine, or a Zoroark. Not both. There is an exception for the hive mind "Unknown" species, but other than that please stick to one Pokemon.

7 Mega Pokemon are allowed so long as certain guidelines are followed. If you are a mega Pokemon you CANNOT de-mega afterward. Fighting rules will be implimented if you can't adequately adjust your "power" correctly. This also means if you are not a mega Pokemon, you cannot evolve to a mega form.

8 "Fakemon" are completely acceptable as long as they're approved by a moderator first. They must have a moveset like everyone else and cannot be impervious to receiving damage.

9 Be respectful. Even if your character is a bitch or an asshole, certain things simply don't need to be said. Using terms like "Faggot" or "Dyke" may offend other people and ought to stay private. Racial slurs will receive a warning and failure to adhere them will result in a kick. Banning may follow if abuse is continued.

10 Keep the drama out of the room. Mods will be forced to kick both parties otherwise. We really don't care who instigated first; nobody wants to surround themselves with it.

11 OOC is not IC; please keep the two of them separate. If you have a problem with someone OOC, retaliating IC will grant you a warning. Ignoring suggestions to stop will result in a kick, even if it isn't voiced by a Mod. Not only is this sort of thing confusing, but it also negates the very point of RP.

12 Please keep joke/ troll name out of the room. We're a legitimate role-play group. Bringing one in will result in a kick ater 3 minutes of idling, or causing disturbance.

13 Do not be afraid to bring a problem to a moderator. They're here to assist in whatever way they can. If you're feeling harassed or threatened in some way, we ask that you please let a moderator know.

14 Please do not spam links or icons in chat, especially if content is NSFW. Doing the first will earn you a kick and doing the second will result in a 24 hour ban. Doing a mixture of the two or the latter after returning from a ban will result in a permanent one.

* Please keep in mind that Kicks and Bans are typically handled by a three strike system. If problems persist and no help is being requested, then they are liable to continue until someone's informed. Moderators will help in whatever way they can, and use their best judgments to quell any issus.

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