The Rules of this group are simple, and is the first thing that we'll go over. If you are guilty of breaking a rull you will be kicked. Any further breaking will result in a ban.

1.) No Magically Enchanted Desert Eagles. Enough said.

2.) When we play for fun in the chat there is no minimum or maximum. One lines are accepted during 'goof-off' sessions, and anyone calling someone out for one-lining will be reprimanded.

3.) When we play for story there is a semi-para minimum for your post. Shoot for five sentences.

4.) Spelling and grammar are a must for either scenario. OoC chatter, this rule does not apply.

5.) OoC must be kept to the OoC channel.

6.) Your character MUST fit within the world as described in the information section. If you have any questions ask Caddoc, Daeris, or Lisbet.

7.) If you would like to play in any of the four Highborn Elven families, contact Daeris and Caddoc to see what is available.

8.) Violence, sex, drug use and alcohol abuse are all allowed in public chat. Keep the extremes in private, though. (Extremes would be Scat/piss/snuff/rape/dismemberment, etc.)

9.) Don't be a dick to your fellow role-players. We will not tolerate that sort of behavior. Does not apply to in-character exchanges, however.

10.) In the event a dispute does crop up, please seek Caddoc or Daeris for assistance.

11.) Have fun! We created this group to fill a gritty fantasy niche not yet played here, and we intend for all of our roleplayers to have fun.

12.) There will be scheduled weekly roleplay sessions to further the goals of the Guardsmen, The Highborns, the Dwarven pimping rings and the Orcish drug cartels. If you can not make a session just alert Caddoc or Daeris.

13.) Attendance to the aforementioned planned events will be required but we are lenient on people who can't make it. Show up as often as you can!


Currency System:

The currency of Freyport has an interesting story behind it, dating back to long ago when most trade was done through bartering. Iron was particularly popular as there was plenty of it, but it also had it uses and iron ingots were often used when trading. However, a whole ingot was not always necessary for purchases and hauling around a heavy bar of iron was hardly practical, so one day a smith came up with the idea of cutting ingots into smaller bars. This was the original Iron Drab. Since then, more representational currency has evolved, but the traditions are still present. The Iron Drab is still the base form of currency with other types of metal joining it in the same shape of small bars. The only actual ‘coin’ used is the Shim. It is roughly equivalent to cutting an Iron Drab into ten pieces and then flattening out the pieces until they are the easier to handle coins. As such, ten Shims are equal to one Iron Drab. Ten Drabs are equal to one Copper Jot. Ten Jots gets you one Silver Talent. Ten Talents will get you a Gold Mark.
The value of the currency, of course, depends on what you’re buying, who you’re buying from, and so on and so forth. Merchants sell their wares at what they believe to be a fair price and if a customer believes it to be a fair price, they will purchase from them. Or try to haggle with them. However, here are some benchmarks to give an idea of the approximate value of the currency. A single Shim will buy you a loaf of stale bread. Five will buy an ordinary loaf or a cheap mug of ale. Eight will buy a very nice (or large) loaf of bread or a good mug of ale. A Drab will buy you a small lunch. Two will get you a full-course meal at your average inn. Five will get you that meal and a nights’ stay. A jot will get you that meal and several nights’ stay or a full-course meal at a fairly up-scale restaurant or tavern. Two jots would give you that meal at the up-scale tavern and several nights stay. Two to three jots would buy you some nice new clothes. Five jots an hour is the rate for your average whore. Five jots will also get you a pretty decent bottle of wine. A talent per hour is the rate of a good whore (usually elves or very talented humans.) Three to five talents can get you a horse. The better the horse, the more expensive, of course. Five to eight talents per hour is the average rate for a very expensive whore or courtesan (usually only used by nobility and the rich.) Finally, a Mark could probably buy you a very nice home in the city and much more. Most people go their whole lives without seeing a Gold Mark, much less owning one. They are typically used only by the very wealthy for the paying of large debts or to keep in their vaults (easier to store a hundred Gold Marks than it is to store hundreds of thousands of Shims and Drabs)