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 Rules last updated: 06.01.2013, 12.00a CST


In a hurry? If you're looking to skim these rules, the general jist of each rule is bolded for your convenience. If you're a tl;dr kind of person, just read the bold parts!


#0 The room name for this group is megaman.

#1 New people are always fun to meet! You are welcome to visit and observe, to decide if you would like to make a Mega Man name. However, please do not idle on non-Mega Man names, and do remember that you are only on a trial period. Also, we perfer you be bound to the following rules, even as an observer.

#2 Please do not have NSFW images visible on your profile; you may hide them behind links, preferrably labeled as NSFW. As a general guideline, if you couldn't show the profile to a parent or boss without getting strange looks (Robots and RP aside), then it's likely not appropriate. PG as much as possible is the goal!

#3 Respect is key. Everyone should have respect for one another. If an argument is becoming an inevitable problem, either take it to a PM, or contact Mod staff. Let's just get along, alright guys?

#4 Even if someone else already plays a canon you want to... don't be afraid to join in! Multiples of the same character are allowed. There is currently no restrictions on any characters.

#5 OC's are allowed, but may be open for discrimination. As long as the original character makes sense within the canon and fits, there shouldn't be many problems.


#5a As far as Mavericks/Viruses/Cyber Elves/other forms of corruption are concerned, someone's character may only be overtaken by this force if they allow it. No forcing anyone to go Maverick.

#6 Please do not troll us, or make joke names. Give us the same respect we give you.

#7 As a basic rule of thumb, crossover characters are not currently allowed; we're sorry, but even if one might actually work, others won't, and by allowing one, we have to allow all.  If you are creating an OC, and you are unsure whether or not your character's concept, abilities, magic, or other specific traits will be welcome in the room, please contact an admin or moderator PRIOR to using that character in the room to be approved. This is to maintain balance, and keep potential attempts at powerplay/godmodding to a minimum.


#7a To protect the integrity of artists and their OCs, full-on carbon copies of an OC (taking a Tumblr Ask OC and playing them as they appear in their blog, for example) are not allowed without the artist's permission. This is also to ensure fanfiction and headcanon is not applied as canon, thus avoiding conflict with others when you interact with them as such; after all, not everyone reads the same fic or accepts the same headcanon. Character likenesses (using ONLY art from said blog, and not story, personality concepts, etc) are fine; however, if you are asked to take down their art, please do so.


#8 We have very carefully forged a Moderator team to assist not only the admin team, but you as well! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. They were picked for their patience, their honesty, their kindness and their dedication. If you feel the situation is delicate or urgent, seek an Admin instead.

#9 OOC is to be taken to an OOC room while RP is occuring in the room. This is to be certain those posting are able to see each other's posts, without the clutter of many people who aren't RPing talking at once. If the room is not open, feel free to open it--you need not be an admin or mod to do so.


#10 As a courtesy, we request that anything related to the animated show, comic books or other non-game media not immediately be considered canon in the group. This group is based upon the games first and foremost. Everything will be a case-by-case basis.


#11 We follow a strict 'Check your Drama at the Door' policy. This means all OOC drama should not be dragged IC, and all IC drama should not be dragged OOC. This is a roleplay chat for fun, after all! If you can't keep unnecessary, non-plot related drama out of here, it'll go as such [After being warned]:


Kicked from the room [Strike 1]
Temporary 3 Day Ban [Strike 2]
         Permanent Ban [Strike 3]


Please do keep in mind that particularly severe infractions can lead to more severe measures faster if deemed necessary.




Group Factions



Light Laboratories

Those who are aligned with Dr. Thomas Light. Light's robots lack the movement functions of newer-age machines, but these robots set the standard they all soon followed.

Robot Masters

These robots were all designed to serve a specific task, but they have been reprogrammed into war machines by Dr. Albert Wily. The essential precursor to what would become Mavericks, the Robot Masters serve Dr. Wily's every beckoning whim.


Maverick Hunters

The Maverick Hunters are reploids who rise against mechaniloids and reploids who threaten humanity. The Maverick Hunters are the only thing keeping the Mavericks at bay.

The Mavericks

The Mavericks are machines who have turned against humans. They rebel against society, to establish themselves as more than just servants to humans. They are their own kind, and they plan to evolve past anything humans could ever do... and those very humans stand in the way. That... and the Maverick Hunters. If you wish to join the Mavericks, send a message to Commander Sigma, so he can tell you what you need to know.



The Resistance

The Resistance is a group of reploids who have wrongly been accused of being Mavericks by the human utopia known as Neo Arcadia. They seek only to be treated as equals, and they fight to end the fighting. Leading them is a solitary human, Ciel.

Neo Arcadia

Neo Arcadia is an advanced technological utopia designed to protect and give humans all the comfort they need. By establishing their Iron Fisted policy, they were able to legally persecute any reploid they wanted as a Maverick, to execute them.

Weil's Forces

Dr. Weil started his war against humans and reploids, after he was sentenced to live forever in isolation for creating The Elf Wars, which eliminated almost all life on the planet. Weil knows only hate. Anger. He is able to create his own mechaniloid army. He has his own Warriors. He has a space station. But most of all... he has Omega.


The Caravan

The Caravan is a human-only resistance group, who are prejudice against Reploids. They seek their independence from forces like Weil... but thanks to the Time Compression, now they have The Mavericks to worry about too.


The Guardians

The Guardians are a defense group. They are the evolution of The Resistance, and their HQ is an airship called Grand Nuage. This allows them to go anywhere in the world they need to in a hurry. The vessel is combat-capable, but it is not designed to handle boarding parties.

Slither Inc

Slither Inc is the most powerful country, with its endless energy reserves. Serpent is the president, and his security forces (And Pseudoroids) can put up a good fight. His vast fortune has made him a super power, and his access to Model W and an incredible armada of airships shows it.

Hunters Guild

The Hunters are mercenaries for hire. Their camp is well located, and they too possess their own airships. Hunters also have the ability to teleport from Tranceivers to pre-activated warp points. They only act when hired, and only remain loyal to the contract as long as payment is still possible.


Legion is the central government of the world, comprised of the Sage Trinity: Master Mikhail, Master Thomas and Master Albert. They possess all knowledge from the Zero era to the ZX era, as they have lived that long. They also have personally seen every reploid since then. They themselves do not fight and they barely leave Legion HQ. However, they are known to assign Hunters their taskings.

Game of Destiny

Master Albert has been abusing his power as a member of the Sage Trinity to enact his plan for evolutionary progress. He is the grand master of Model W use. With this, A-Trans, Prometheus and Pandora on his side, Albert's Game of Destiny is a small, but intense faction.


The Collective

The Collective is a spawn of the Time Compression. Their technology is top-notch. They have immunities to the past inflictions. They operate from a space station with a massive railgun. Little is known about them or their origin, except that they understand the Time Compression. They value only themselves, and they operate solely out of their own interest. Should they become interested in what is going on with you, be wary. If you wish to know more about The Collective, send a message to Asellus.






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