Tokyo, Japan; 2017. Crime has changed. Many years ago there was a type of man that was also much more then any normal man. They were criminals, but they were also much more. These types of men and women were those who made their way into legends. They were known as gangsters, members of the Mafia and the Yakuza. They were bond by honor, and they ruled the streets with an iron fist, but didn't turn away from their roots.

They stood for their people, but the people feared them...

   Legends never last though. 'Gangstahs', thugs, b-rated criminals, and small time petty thieves began to run rampant. They corrupted the people with their drugs and blood money. They were far too successful for their own good though. It seemed the creatures of true legend, the Oni, ghosts, and other various Youkai had their hands in the matter; using this chaotic world as a festering breeding ground for their own evil intents. Try as they might, local law enforcement agencies in Japan were too late to realize these small time criminals had help of that caliber, and as a result, were unable to quell the sharp increase in crime rate.


   Those that had protected the people once upon a time didn't forget them though. Both the legends of man, and the legends of nightmares have taken notice to each other. This grand battle will be unknown due to the ignorance of most people, but blood will flow down the streets either way; begging for a purifying rain to wash it away. Time will tell who will win, but it's clear that you will be the deciding factor. Will you be legend? Or will you be forgotten? Join Tokyo Underground, a paranormal crime based roleplay today to begin your place in history.


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The Mafia: The mafia isn't one large faction, but is actually comprised of various families. Each comes complete with their own rules, ranks, and specialties. They do all come together under one figure however; the God Father. While not their leader, but he was once in charge of one of the largest families in New York City many years ago. Through his rule, the other families were to grow into successful groups of their own. Unfortunately, he recently passed away, and the once unsteady alliance between the families is all but shattered. All though the mafia has long since dwindled to a mere shadow of what it once was, their presence is important none-the-less. They're shrouded in mystery, and often maintain eyes and ears in every place they can manage to, and as a result, often utilize various informants to help keep up their constant upper hand against others. Their techniques however are far from elegant, but they always know how to make someone disappear for the right price. While they often fight against themselves, they will always band together when someone threatens their way of life.


The Yakuza: The Yakuza has always had a major presence in Japanese history for hundreds of years. While they've always been associated with crime (Including the assassination of various important persons.), they have also been known to keep peace and balance within their territories. The Yakuza is divided into several different Syndicates, each with their own Kumicho (Family boss). They're an honor bound society that often emphasizes working together to accomplish their goals. Yakuza members, like several dealers, often cover their bodies in mystic tattoos which often grant them strange powers that give them only the slightest advantange over most other humans. They follow tradition almost methodically, and to this day, can be found wielding katanas and other similar weapons. They aren't happy with the appearance of several mafia families within their territory, but this tension hasn't grown to a threatening point as of the moment.

Tattoos: The tattoos that members of the Yakuza often have enchanted often grant them strange and unusual powers. These powers aren't extremely obvious, but often help in minor ways. Examples would be an immunity to hunger, or increased luck. Please ask a moderator if you'd like approval for a tattoo ability if you're looking to join this faction.


The Enforcers: Even as Japan rests on the brink of an underground war between the Yakuza, mafia, and various creatures of the night; one thing is for certain, the hammer of justice has not stood without action against those that would bring harm to the innocent civilians of Japan. The International Quick Response Police Department (I.Q.R.P.D. or Interpol) as well as various Japanese Police districts are constantly on standby (If not already patrolling) to react to any criminal activity. While they are actively training to give themselves an advantage over whoever they may have to deal with, they are also held back by various red tape protocols. If a crime large enough to spark a national response were to occur, the Japanese Military could even become involved, which would also give the good guys the technological advantage over most factions. It is also true that there are dirty cops in their ranks, but over all, the people of Japan can sleep easy, knowing they have the fine men and women of Japan's finest watching over them. 


The Informants: ddd

The Dealers: eee

The Youkai: fff

The Oni: ggg

The Onna: hhh

The Bystanders: iii


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