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The Administrators and Moderators

Ichijouji, Ken <left> <img src='http://www.fenrir.finalfantasyq.com/digimon/dm/dmmugken.gif'> <font face='Tahoma'> <font-size='x-small'> <font color='ffffff'> I may not have a firey spirit, but I know what needs to be done when there's trouble. Don't hesitate to ask for help.</font> </left> Tai Yagami <left> <img src='http://www.fenrir.finalfantasyq.com/digimon/dm/dmmugtaichi02.gif'> <font face='Comic Sans MS'> <font-size='x-small'> <font color='ffffff'> Come to me if you need anything. We DigiDestined take care of our own. Hey, Izzy, are you sure this thing's on? </font> </left>

"Welcome to The Digital World!

Digidestined, Tamers and the Chosen of all Series are welcome.

The Digital World is a place outside of our own, inhabited by creatures known as Digimon. Digimon, short for Digital Monsters, come in all shapes and sizes. They mostly go about minding their own business. However, there are those which seek to conquer, destroy or consume both The Digital World and The Real World. That's where we come in.

If you're here, you have the power to protect this world. Digivolve!"


Taichi, AKA "Tai" Yagami


The Rules!

*A word from the owner: This is not RPH's OOC room. "Clique behavior" is not welcome. Be kind and mind all users who enter. There is a fine line between IC and OOC. Do not mix the two. Edit: Since this doesn't particularly fall under the "No adult content" rule, vulgarity is out. Not everyone is comfortable around smut-related words. Disgaree? Use vulgarity somewhere else.

1) No adult content in the main room.
2) Keep your profile safe for work! If there are NSFW images in your profile, you will be asked to remove or hide them in order to be in the room.
3) Two human canon characters, one canon Digimon character, and/or one OC per player. Original characters must be given the green light by moderators/admins before they can join group role play.

*Only names that join the room can join the group. Example: Don't submit a join request with a name you never enter the room on. The request will not be accepted.
4) No God Moding or controlling other peoples characters without permission (Autoing).
5) Don't speed type! If you got a lot to say, type it out in one post instead of spamming!
6) Original Characters cannot be related to canon characters. This includes friendships preestablished with other characters. Relationships have to be built after all!
7) Try to stay in character! No doubles either(i.e., 1 plot per character unless there is only one of a character enlisted in the group). This will save us all a lot of trouble.
8) No fakemon. This might seem harsh, but there's plenty of Digimon to chose from as your partner!

9) We ARE allowing more than one season in the room. So far, up to Digimon 03, which is the Tamer season, but we are not allowing crossovers from anime, TV shows or movies from anything not related to Digimon.

10) Conversations about drama from other places can stay out. We don't need it here!

11) Play fair or not at all! This means three strikes and you're outta here!
12) Have fun!

Taken Characters

(Slots are filled when a user participates in role play related to a current

plot on that name.>

Ichijouji Ken

Izumi Koushiro

Makino Ruki


Takenouchi Sora

Ishida Yamato