"What lurks in Noxus?"

Noxian Territory is a League of Legends based group that prides itself on being objective and friendly. RP is highly encouraged as well as OOC conversation. We provide a welcoming community with Duo queue games as well as in game help and advice. All characters are welcome be it Champions or Summoners. Don't allow the name to fool you. We welcome champions from all corners of the League of legends universe. From Demacian to The Shadow Isles and everywhere in between. Perhaps you've found yourself unlucky enough to be visiting the city state where only the strong survive.



Group Owners:

 Warwick is a down to earth guy (unless there is a Sona around.) Always willing to strike up a good story or a game. In time he is going to write his own little bio because I am going to fill his with how adorable he is and how much I want to touch him. You can often find him streaming games. Just make sure you've bought your boots of moblity because It's only fun if they run!





 Vladimir is usually in game trolling high Plat divisions. Completely objective and willing to listen, he will hear any issues or problems you may have despite his exterior demeanor. If you have a pulse it's likely you'll catch the eye of Noxian's resident Hemomancer. Just be prepared because The rivers will run red!





We would like to keep this section as short as possible considering that all of our rules are based on simple common sense. Be polite, be civil, no drama. Chat can become harsh when discussing different ideas, play styles, and opinions based on the game. Please keep in mind that it is nothing personal. Please be respectful when RP is taking place as well.



It's fine. This place is more for a relaxed environment and to get in RP without a lot of OOC chatter in between. 
It's where Warwick and I give each other hand jobs when we're bored. 
>_> You'll be the death of me one day, Hemomancer... 
That's the plan~