Welcome to Roleplay Haven's long-standing, sole Touhou group simply titled as "Gensokyo". For those of you that don't know, Touhou is a primarily a video game series of 2D, vertical rail shooters of an infamously insane and unforgiving difficulty as well as four different fighting games, all for PC. Though, do know that there are countless fangames as well. The characters in this series scale over one-hundred, in which approximately 98% are female, all of whom possess unique abilities, designs, and personality traits. The main character is named Reimu Hakurei, a shrine maiden who's primary job is to resolve "incidents" that occur which may disturb the peace, balance, or stability of the fantasy land known as Gensokyo. For more information, consult this site here:

Touhou is ridiculously popular across the world, mainly within Japan. The strong fanbase often makes touhou-based creations such as limitless remixes of one of the series' most popular attractions, the musical score of the games, fanart of certain characters alone that outnumbers those of an entire series, plenty of fangames as mentioned before, and much more. Feel free to explore the world via the link posted above or other sources and you may find yourself apart of many: The Touhou Fanbase.


The Roleplay room itself, "gensokyo", is what few other rooms can truly consider themselves; a family. Every member inside relates to each other by close-knit bonds with hardly any sort of ill-feelings and is generally open-armed to those who show genuine interest in joining the room, which one of the reasons why several members who are part of other groups say that they come here to take it easy for a reason besides yukkuris. Roleplayers of every level are involved within this room, ranging from those who are rather new to those who've been roleplaying for years, those who prefer short, concise posts to those who prefer detailed, long posts and so forth. The room's ran by an expertly picked moderation team who follow more rules than the basic member and are all level-headed, reasonable individuals who's main job is to ensure a safe environment to roleplay, goof off, chat, whatever it is you wish to provided that rules properly obeyed, which will be listed below:


Gensokyo Rules 

1. Common sense. That includes the fact we care not for spam, guro pictures, screamers, drama, and even discussin of any other room in a derogatory way.


2. This rule is mostly to explicate how we handle drama. Four strike policy depending on the severity of the offense. Warning, Kick, Ban for a certain amount of time, Banned for good(only deemed by owner or co-owner). If you are unfortunate enough to receive any, each will come with a reason behind said disciplinary action. However, keep in mind that an owner or co-owner can easily deviate from this policy and take any disciplinary action as they see fit, however it takes quite a bit of severity to the offense for such to happen. If you so happen wish to plead your case, a moderator(more than likely the one who took action), yourself, and an owner will be discuss it in a private room. If you don't show up after a certain amount of time, then the warning/kick/ban will stand. If there are any issues with a fellow staff member, moderator, owner of the room, or anything in general it will be discussed in PM with a staff member of your choice in a tactful and respectful manner, not in chat. Coming off as rude and so forth can easily result in your discrepency not properly handled if at all or disciplinary action need be it. Also, Meta-discussion is not encouraged to do in chat. This is for PM only as in reality, it feeds drama.


3. Chain of Command. This means that there is a level for which everything is handled. As an example, you don't go to the CEO of your company for a complaint about one of your co-workers, right? Of course not. You talk to your manager. Same concept applies here. That being said, if you have any sort of issue, this is how our chain works:


Owner - Reimu Hakurei


Co-Owner - Sanae "Sanny" Kochiya


1st Mod -Captain "M. F." Murasa


2nd Mod - Marisa Kirisame


This means start with Marisa and work your way up if she can't deal with your problem, if you feel like nothing has been solved or if she's not present and so on. This rule is only in place to help minimize the amount of moderator-level work the owners do as they both have done plenty in the past.

4. Doubles are allowed as it's inevitable part of the roleplay process, especially when Touhou bares many popular characters. Competitions, arguing, etc. over doubles are strongly discouraged. Please common sense and courtesy.


5. Observers are allowed up to 30 minutes to sit in the room to see if we fit your fancy, as we do not allow non-touhou names inside the room. After you time is up, you will be prompted to join the room as a canon character or an original touhou-based character. Otherwise you will be asked to leave and/or removed from the room. However, the idea of cross-overs, which Touhou is quite famous for, can be up for discussion with an owner, however it's fairly difficult to obtain a pass. If you are already a member of Gensokyo, do not expect to be taken lightly should you come into the room under a non-touhou name to goof off. This rule is to avoid gensokyo becoming another ooc or casualxsmut hangout.


6. RPH does possess what's to be called a "sexual culture" and engagement of sexual activities, such as intercourse of most kind is allowed in Gensokyo. Profiles featuring strong lewd images, such as bodily exposure or intercourse are also allowed. However, ensure that any sort of stuff you get into doesn't actually deter people from coming in the room and playing too. We are all (supposed to be) adults here therefore it is understood that sexual roleplay will be a strong desire but please be tactful about your sexuality.


7. If you wish to not be disturbed by OOC banter in Gensokyo, we do possess a room called "touhou" which is meant for OOC during roleplay. However, this is a case by case basis albeit in the roleplayer's favor.


8. Final rule. As stated earlier, we are all a family here, therefore all staff are subjected to each rule above and more that are not listed here. If you see any staff disobeying any of the above, feel free to PM whomever and let them know. They should stop accordingly.