pokémon world


Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak, but everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor! Before we go any further, I'd like to tell you a few things you should know about this world! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! We humans live alongside Pokémon as friends. At times we play together, and at other times we work together. Some people use their Pokémon to battle and develop closer bonds with them.


Are you ready? Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold. Fun experiences, difficult experiences, there's so much waiting for you! Dreams! Adventure! Let's go to the world of Pokémon! I'll see you later!


room rules


As with any group, we have a few set rules that we would like you to follow while chatting and playing in the Pokémon room. Breaking these rules will result in a kick or even a ban, depending on the severity.


Please be kind and considerate of your fellow players. Do not start or instigate drama, insult others, or generally be rude. Use your best judgment when determining what is or is not appropriate to say.


If an administrator or moderator asks you to cease a certain behavior, please do so promptly and without complaints. If you would like to defend yourself, first stop and consider if it's really worth it to press the issue further; if you feel that you truly have been wrongly accused of something, please take it to private message.


Always respect and practice basic RP etiquette. Do not god-mode, auto-connect attacks, control another player's character, or enter a scenario without asking permission from the players involved first.


Please use basic grammar and spell-checking when involved in serious roleplay. Likewise, be sure to indicate when you are speaking out-of-character to avoid confusing players who may be in-character at the time.


Please keep your roleplay in the public chat room clean; PG-13 at the most. If things start getting hot and heavy, take it to PM! Likewise, please do not post any NSFW links without warning. Likewise, themes of drugs and violence are quite out of place here.


Make sure the character you enter the room with is somehow related to Pokémon. If you're just observing, let us know!


Some types of profiles that do not belong in the Pokémon room include the following:

 •Adult content; please do not have any NSFW content on your profile.

 •Multi-character profiles; please have a profile specific to the Pokémon franchise.

 •Joke or troll names; this is pretty much bannable around the whole website anyway.


oc guidelines


So you want to make an original character, huh? That's great! Here are a few things to consider when making your OC:


Do not make your OC related to any canon character, if possible. If you absolutely must, be sure to get the permission of the player portraying that canon character before you include such information in your profile or ambush them while acting like an old friend; it's just awkward!


Legendaries are often so powerful that catching one could result in drastic changes to the Pokémon world as we know it! So please, don't say your character has one. Think of the children!


Do what you like! Battling in RP isn't about number crunching, so don't worry if your Pokémon or your move sets are the "best". In the RP world, anything is viable!


There are tons of different trainer types! Aside from just the leaders and elites, there are rangers and coordinaters and breeders and... lots of stuff! Be creative!


As far as badges are concerned, realize collecting them all is no simple task. Instead of just saying you got them, why not RP with leaders and collect them that way? Likewise, instead of having a team of ubers from the start, why not RP out catching and training them, too?


If you need help making your OC, our members would be happy to help!


plot & setting


The current setting of the Pokémon room is the Kalos region! If a player would like to RP in a different region, simply state so, but most can safely assume that all RP is taking place within the current region.


Not sure where the action is taking place? Many scenes can start from the smallest of interactions without an established location. Most players seem to start in a Pokémon Center or out in the woods.


This room is mainly intended for various types of trainer characters. Since there are established groups for gijinka, they might be rather out of place here and find it difficult to find RP, but they are by no means against the rules!


The setting of this room is not set in stone in terms of the games, the anime, or the manga series, so it can be assumed that it is a mixture of all of the above. Generally, it's safe to RP however you'd like without any firmly established canon.




These are the lovely administrators and moderators of the Pokémon room. If you have questions or issues, these are the people to contact!