Welcome to the Haydn Academy of Arts where only the most talented from around the world are invited to learn and achieve their fullest artistic potential. Haydn is a cutthroat, competitive environment where students vie to become the best they can be in their respected fields, no matter what it takes to get there.

*This is a COLLEGE AGE (18+) RP
Hayden Academy specializes in:
*Ball Room



Code of Conduct

*Triple threats [Singing, Dancing, & Acting]& Under Aged Students will only be allowed with Owner permission

*Please be respectful and conscious of other players.

• No Bullying/Harassing
• No Intentional Drama Causing
• OOC and IC are different universes; Be conscious of it
• The Block Button is there for a reason
• Keep OOC to a minimum when others are RPing. You are welcome to open an OOC room if you don’t want to go to PMs.

*PDA [Public Display of Affection] to a PG-13
* No one is required to start RP for you. If you want it, be willing to start it.
*Owners and Mods have the right to issue the punishment to fit the crime.