Group Rules       


Bleach characters ONLY. OCs are welcome and only need approval if they claim to be more powerful than canon characters. 
OCs should not be connected to canon characters unless approved by the person who plays that specific canon character or, in the case that character is not taken, needs to be approved by group owners. 
Duplicate canon characters are allowed to hang out in the room, but first come first serve for roleplay purposes. See below for the list of taken characters.
A single player can only take up to three canon character spots and if they become inactive without letting a group owner/moderator know for more than two weeks, the spot(s) will be forfeit.


Roleplay and Chatroom Behavior

We allow out of character, which includes semi in character, chat to take place in our room when paragraph roleplay is not taking place. Once paragraph roleplay, defined as three more more lines, has started, the participants will be asked if a separate room for OOC chat is required. Anyone can make an OOC room. 

No sexual roleplay in the chat room.

We expect everyone to be courteous to their fellow roleplayers. Insults and arguments between players that are not acknowledged as friendly debate will not be tolerated.

Moderators will not 'take sides'. If you cannot take your problem with the other player(s) to PM then both or all players participating in the argument will be kicked from the room.

No trolling OOCly, no excessive IC trolling. This includes flaming and spamming. The definitions of these terms is as follows: deliberately pissing people off; engaging in an argument based on personal attacks; the act of obnoxiously doing something repeatedly for attention or in order to disturb others.

Any issues or suggestions should be brought to the attention of a group owner/moderator and will be given review. 



Aizen is God.

Roleplay fights relative to the plot will be in paragraph form. No exceptions. Three lines to describe your part in a fight should not be a problem.
Every character must become fatigued after a certain amount of time. 
Every character has a weakness. Even Aizen. Even Ichigo. 
No auto-hitting: which means, you cannot post that an attack of yours has landed on another character. 
You cannot be unaffected by an attack-- You may dodge, you may shield, if your character has the knowledge and capacity.


There will be three kicks or warnings, followed by a week-long ban for any player who breaks the rules. This person will be given a final chance before a permanent ban will be put in place.

  Taken Character List       

     ***** All roles are OPEN. The group plot is until further notice on HIATUS. Thank you. *****

  Current Locations       

Hollow Caverns: Deep beneath the wastes of Hueco Mundo's sandy landscape; underneath the dunes of bone, dust and sand remained a place hidden from even the scope of Aizen's power. A multitude of winding tunnels, creature created burrows and worn paths that lead to mysterious locations within the Hollow world. The main cavern has a relatively simple design, with stalagmites and stalactites emerging from the ceiling above and ground below. However, this ceiling and within the walls of the caves there are amounts of Sekkiseki stone. Detecting any spiritual pressure within this space would be deemed impossible. A large rock formation held in the back of the cavern has been regarded as a suitable substitute throne. At one point into the ascent or descent to and from the cave, there is a juncture point where three tunnels lead off into different directions. One path leads to a dead-end, with a drop off into magma. Another leads to a reishi-infused spring that slowly heals injuries. The other leads into the cave's main area.


Reishi house: A single story house with an extremely basic design. Stepping to the interior from the three steps leading through the doorway, a single hallway runs to the direct end of the house. Five doors reveal different locations within, two on the right side and three on the left of the hallway. The first doorway to the left is an open-concept living and kitchen area with arm chairs, a large table and chair set and finally the kitchen composed of a tea-making area. The next two rooms on the left are small bedrooms, practically identical to one another in size and interior design. A double bed, a chair and a small dresser comprised of typical shinigami/hollow garb. Leading off from the right hand side is the bathing room, with a fully working bath and toilet. And last but not least, the Master Room. This is Aizen's private location for now. Stay out.

Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo...       

Plumes of thick black smoke funneled into the sky as wood and stone toppled to the walks of the ruined military base; the foundations of security, peace and shelter torn from the chests of every member of the Gotei-13. Revenge was decided by ranks to be the best method to answer the cries of those wounded or mourning, their woeful echoes dying in the distance beyond the Rukongai districts; a warning had been delivered, prepare for another attack was imminent. Devastatingly accurate and fast, in mere minutes the Vandereich brought the Gotei-13 to its knees with no hesitation. Vandereich's leader, Judabach, had come with a secondary mission beyond annihilating the Shinigami. Beneath the first division's barracks, a man with power beyond the realm of imagination was imprisoned. Judabach had undoubted certainty his query would be denied and from his own style of cruel justice, he used his mastery of reishi and reiatsu control to tamper with the kido that held Aizen. Dangling a treat before the nose of a starved hound never ended with less than bloodshed.

The moth previously entangled within the web of deceit and lies, nothing more than a victim of its own nature, had a single wing freed of the entrapment. That wasp who eagerly cut a portion of web away would come to rue that day. Strands of spiritual energy searched for their twin, a doll that Aizen himself had played with still held onto a piece of his signature. Activating the safeguard, plummeting the mind of the woman in darkness; creations of a scientific mind with exceptional skill could still be manipulated by an even greater brilliance. Through the door arrived his savior, Kurotsuchi Nemu with an arm covered with blood. Mindlessly taken to the task, the black binding seals had been released in moments. From the destruction all over Seireitei, their reiatsu-tight security measures brought to a stand-still, a hold as black as night tore the reality between worlds open like a vicious mouth. Grabbing the helpless fukutaichou, they dove through to his salvation.

Maintaining the reiatsu for transportation was difficult and the constant fluctuation managed to dip the trajectory, effectively dumping the two into the bowels of a cavern in Hueco Mundo. Awakening from the nightmare, Nemu struggled to come to terms for the devastation she had wrought upon them. Unequipped to create her own Garganta, she begrudgingly followed with Aizen at the helm. Hundreds of grotesque hollows scurried and slithered along the ground and over the walls, skulls prominent features of everyone of them. Countless numbers of these creatures were Adjucas class, all of their spiritual pressures being relatively close to one another. Further into the depths of this cavern awaited a darker presence.. A Vasto Lorde of great stature, almost twice the height of Aizen. It's wicked grin felt like a mockery of their appearance. A creature like this, intelligent and cunning, would have one purpose for these beasts in a single location; to feast upon the strongest and gain their power. Obliterating a simple minded monster was child's play, even without his zanpakutou. Hollow hierarchy: destroy the strong for the remainder will follow the strongest.

Emerging from the caverns below onto the wastes of Hueco Mundo plains, the Menos forest two hundred yards into the distance, the army marched towards their destiny. The embodiment of the powerful gem approached at speed, its spiritual essence appeared before them silently. Manipulating this creature for his own uses once again, but to be told it would allow its influence under one pretense; to rescue Tia Harribel. A simple enough task for an army of this magnitude. For the Vandereich within the halls of his Palace, Las Noches, who claimed his creation for their selves, those silly little Quincy would know the feeling of annihilation once more. Genocide would be a sweet refuge for the newly revived Lord of Night.

All you need to know? Aizen is back.