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Hello and welcome to the official Roleplay group page!

While we're getting things settled, be sure to revisit this page for more updates. Group rules will be updated periodically and may be subject to change as we finalize details. In the meantime, feel free to swing by and check the place out at your leisure. You're welcome to RP whatever you please (within the realm of reason), or simply chill and hang out.

For any questions, concerns, or general inquiries, please don't hesitate to consult one of the Owners or Mods. We will do our best to address whatever issues you have as the rules begin falling into place.


Rules & Regulations

See? Bit of a mess over here... Please bear with us as we get everything established.

1 – Keep things civil! It helps to be mindful of this [once] common act of courtesy both online and off. Acting like an insufferable douchebag won't get you anywhere except a kick straight out of the room.

2 – Because there is no official setting for the room, please be aware that more than one RP may be going on at once. If you want something written, then write it. It is no one's responsibility other than your own to spark up RP if the room happens to go quiet; complaining about the lack thereof only serves to annoy and deter potential writing partners.

3 – Try to keep any excessive OOC chatter distinguished between (parentheses) or [brackets] to avoid confusion when RP is going on. Rest assured that while this room is indeed entitled "Roleplay", you are not obligated to write a story unless you feel compelled to. Nobody here is interested in forcing your muse(s) to emerge when you're simply not up for it. If you prefer to kick back and hang out while other people are writing, you are more than welcome to do so — as long as you remain respectful.

4 – As far as warnings and bans go, make note that the "3-strike-system" will only be implemented when appropriate. If you're just here to cause trouble or spark up some drama, the ice beneath your feet is not only thin, but also rapidly shattering. Innocent mistakes and errors made from ignorance or unintended circumstances will be met with a warning either in the main room, or via PM. It is your responsibility to heed them, lest the kicking or banning process begin; the latter of which will depend on the situation itself and either be temporary or permanent.

5 – Is smut allowed in the room? To a point. You're free to RP what you wish, but this crowd is diverse enough to request it be taken to PMs instead. Regardless of a Moderator's reasoning (be it distraction, general discomfort, etc.), smut-based RP can be found elsewhere on the site. Being asked to move your story from the public to a PM box is by no means outrageous, so suffice it to say your response shouldn't be, either.

6 – Your characters are free to explore a myriad of age-ranges, but you, as the writer MUST be 18 years or older. This rule applies not just to this room, but every other. Underage users will be banned on site with evidence by either admission, or a screen-shot. NO exceptions.

7 – Owners and Moderators are not here to babysit, nor base any disciplinary actions on hearsay alone. If someone is harassing you via PM, simply block them. Our job is to ensure that the chatroom is free of unwanted distractions, and will resort to disciplinary action when it is appropriate. That said, our eyes cannot always be fixed on the room, so please PM a Mod with a screenshot of your concerns, or if rules are being broken. We will address the issue(s) as soon as we're able and do what we can to alleviate the problem.


Owners & Moderators

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July 27, 2017
Group page finally established! ...Sort of.

 February 23, 2018
We now have a Discord Server up. FFS, please enter at your own risk.