Owners and Co-Owners:

Red Diamond





Waiters and Waiteress:

Now Hiring



Now Hiring



Now Hiring




Now Hiring



Now Hiring



Now hiring.







1. Leave the Drama at the door.

2. Fighting is taken outside. 

3. Please be respectful to the employees.

4. If there is no one available please NCP a waiter/Waitress or if at the bar a NPC Bartender.

5. No more than three Alts in the room.

6. If you are an Employee, please Pm Chef Rosebud, or Hell Bound to let them know there is something that's preventing you from getting online, Example: Rl Emergency, work, school, family, pets or even deaths. 

7. This room is a clean slate. If you had past drama with anyone here you can come, and just roleplay. Now we hold the right to refuse entry. We are human, and if the wrong was to deep to forgive then we will not apologize for being human. Most likely this wont be an issue, but we state it to cover it.

8. There is no idling in the room. Please join in. We will give you a 5 min warning then you have 5 mins to post. After 1st warning you will be kicked. Repeat offenders will be put up for ban's with the owners.

9. Respect our mods. If you feel you were treated unfairly screen shot the incident. Chef Rosebud takes evidence over word of mouth. She will do a proper investiagation please give her time.

10. This is not a pure sexual based room. Smut is welcomed, but not needed. Hosts are here to simply entertain and be merry. If you sleep with them that is your choice. If they wish to charge is their's. Tea house only charges for the room




If you wish to be hired or given a position here please contact Chef Rosebud


These photo's are a basic outline of the house and feel to it.



Rates are as followed.



Single King- $20 per night

Double Queen -$20 per night 

Master Suite - $40 per night

Queen's Wing - $200 per night