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Persona: Awakening

This is an original role play idea that Protagonist came up with and many have shown interest in. Brief story synopsis follows:

It has been a few months after the The Fall (31/01/10); humanity’s end has been adverted and returned to their normalcy. Shadow attacks still occur however not as prominent as within the last year, merely dismissed as rumours and speculations. Although there is a sudden spike in murders around Urashima City with many falling prey to grisly murders; bodies appearing as though they were ripped open. Some citizens have gone missing and only to show up days later displaying symptoms similar to Apathy Syndrome only to be found dead in a day’s time.

Police baffled by such occurrences keep the media leak under control, however word soon spreads that murders are being posted online, as well as predicting future murders. The perpetrator of this online blog goes simply as ‘The Blogger’. His current location constantly changes, eluding detection as he continues to torment the city with his virus. All that has been known about him is that he wears a mask to conceal his face and voice.

Many see The Blogger as a disciple for a higher power, resulting in many followers and emulators. Hooded vagrants with gas masks of their own begin to follow him creating an underground cult. Many are unaware of the situation and the dire circumstance that the murders create; weakening the Seal and releasing the End once more. With every citizen killed, the negative emotions of humanity pour out, strengthening the Shadows and in turn bringing humanity closer to The Fall.

If you have an interest in playing one of the NPC characters or creating your own contact Protagonist, or a moderator; also more details on the scenario can be requested.

Characters involved will be limited to to only three basic skills/magic at the start and expand upon this such as more skills, evolution of Persona, etc as the role play continues. If there's enough people invovled we'll try and have a session every week, private role plays are fine if you wish to develop your characters more, however important events involving the continuing story shall be conducted preferbally once a week with time permitting.

"The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed..."

Listed below are Arcana for Persona: Awakening, and characters associated with them.
If you have any questions or concerns contact a moderator. 

***Note. Social Links can be any of the listed Arcana except for Fool, Judgement, Aeon and Universe***

0. Fool Arcana
I. Magician Arcana
II. Priestess Arcana
III. Empress Arcana
IV. Emperor Arcana
V. Hierophant Arcana
VI. Lovers Arcana
VII. Chariot Arcana
VIII. Justice Arcana
IX. Hermit Arcana
X. Fortune Arcana
XI. Strength Arcana

XI. Lust Arcana
XII. Hanged Man Arcana
XIII. Death Arcana
XIV. Temperance Arcana
XV. Devil Arcana
XVI. Tower Arcana
XVII. Star Arcana
XVIII. Moon Arcana
XIX. Sun Arcana
XX. Judgment Arcana
XX. Aeon Arcana
XXI. Universe Arcana