"Every soul is in jeopardy whether in life or death."

→ Soul collectors are divided into three groups: Death Angels, Death Agents, and Death Reapers. Death Angels will only take the spirit they are charged to while Reapers will grab any souls they can retrieve. It is a vicious fight that will never end and has been in action since the time Lucifier was cast from the heavens as were many other angels that either chose his side or were undecided. While Death Agents are not included in this battle, they are the ones that guide a spirit to the Afterlife where they are obtained by an Angel or Reaper. ←

Death Angels
God's own servants that are sent to the mortal realm to collect the pure souls meant to cross over into Heaven. Each spirit is assigned to one of these angels to lead home. No angel is alike: This remains true for this branch of them. They are charged with this duty because it is their life choice or destiny and because the Heavenly Father has put his ultimate trust in them, or because they were once fallen angels and have re-ascented into Heaven. If the latter, it is more of a form of punishment for straying from the Chosen path. These types of angels will have white wings if pure or black if once fallen.

Death Agents
Charged with the service of guiding lost souls trapped on Earth, they are given the duty of taking these souls to the Afterlife where they will be discharged to either a Death Angel or Death Reaper. Most of these Agents watch after ghosts until they are ready to pass over while others collect the souls at the moment of death earning the name of the legendary being, the Grim Reaper. Death Agents reside in Limbo rather than Heaven or Hell. Being tasked with this job is more of a choice than a life calling or punishment though very few find comfort in living their Afterlife as a phantom of sorts. Death Agents are neither ultimately good or evil.

Death Reapers
Lucifer's harvesters of contaminated souls, Death Reapers mostly consist of fallen angels that have sided with such a being. It is unknown how Reapers are trained and given such a task and whether or not it is a punishment. That is more of theirs' and Lucifer's own secrets. Reapers are not demons nor do they have wings. If anything they have scars on their shoulder blades from where their wings rested previously to "The Fall" or from when they chose to leave God's world to Lucifer's. Most Reapers are greedy for souls and will try to take whatever spirit they can get their hands on. Some have been known to fight to the death for one.

"The dream realm is not a place for just anyone to patrol..."


ghj→ The Dream World is entered through mirrors that can only be seen by those in the Spirit World. A person's dream cannot be entered by anyone. There are those that are charged with such a job. A human's dream is much more easier to enter than those of supernatural blood or being. If it is not impossible, it is by far a difficult and arduous effort. The battle between Dream Guardians and Dream Invaders has lasted many centuries and still continues to this day. It is a struggle on who will domain over a certain dream, and who will not. The losing one does not escape easily. They are eithered weakened until the following evening, or forever trapped on the other side until they either die from lack of sustenance or by some random chance rescued, which rarely occurs. ← 

Dream Guardians
Immortal beings blessed with the job of protecting mortals' dreams from Invaders and ensuring warmth and security in such an atmosphere. Guardians can either be "created" from Angels or from a human whose soul is marked for such a fate. While Guardians need energy, they can only obtain it from patrolling dreams and absorbing the positive glow from the human that is dreaming. Dream Guardians either live in Heaven or Limbo depending on their origin.

Dream Invaders
Opposite of Guardians in every way, Dream Invaders are the ones that incite nightmares. Feeding off the dark and negative emotions, such as dread, fear, and agony they are frowned upon by Guardians and loathed for such behavior. Invaders are either demons or humans that have a certain blaze in their soul that marks them as one. There is no choice in being tasked with this job. It is forced upon them without mercy. Living in either Hell or Purgatory, Invaders lives are anything but joy, just like the world they form in a human's sleeping concious.


1.) Characters must either fit into one of the designated groups or be either a human or spirit. Other paranormal, celestial, demonic, mystical, and prophetic/medium/seer characters are welcome. Basically anything or anyone of the supernatural or human world so long as they can fit into this type of setting.

2.) The location of the roleplay will either take place in Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Purgatory, or Earth. The main setting however will be Boston, Massachusetts.

3.) If you wish to watch the group roleplay to see if you are interested in joining or not, a three day waiting period is permitted where you can sit in the room to observe and decide.

4.) Talking OOCly is allowed in the room, but if RP is in motion it should be kept to a minimum or PM. Once the group gathers more members and RP progreses, an OOC room will be made.

5.) Realistic or anime style pictures for characters are allowed.

6.) As for sexual or smut roleplay please keep it in private. While kissing and PDA are permitted in the room, we all do not wish to see you shedding clothes and doing the dirty.

7.) Please do not spam the chat room. You will be given a warning the first time. The second time you will be kicked. The third, you will be banned.

8.) Posting order for roleplay will be how you are listed under the room name. Anyone that comes in during RP while have to wait until the posting order starts at the beginning to intercede into the RP.

9.) If you have any questions please feel free to ask any of the Admins or Mods. We will gladly answer.

10.) Lastly, for now, please respect all members of the group. No one is looking for fights or drama. So please, be polite and respectful.

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