Zombie Apocalypse


Date: October 9th, 2012.
Location: Pease Air Force Base, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Days Since Infection: 3.
Countries with Reports of Infection: France, Germany, Britain, Australia, China, Japan, Continental U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Russia.
Estimate Number of Infected: 400-million World-Wide; 73million, U.S.A
Number of confirmed survivors in U.S., thus far: 230-million. (33.3% Margin for Error.)

It has been roughly 72-hours since the point of infection [As of 10/9/2012.] and the infection has been spreading steadily, with no signs of slowing down. Communications across the country have been largely disrupted in the wake of mass power-outtages. As a result, wide-spread panic has stricken the Nation, as well as the World. The Government, though having been spread thin in the state of chaos, still has it's essential "core," intact, with the President and Vice President having been evacuated to a secured location.

The Military is still mounting an active defense, but are being spread thin. Resources are being gradually depleted, while the infection rate shows no sign of slowing. Active Defenses have been reduced from Nation-Wide, to defending key locations of large, Civilian Populace. As of last report from the White House, Points of Resistance are currently being held in: Boston, MA. Portsmouth, NH. Concord, NH. New York City, New York. Washington D.C. Philadelphia, PA. Houston, TX. Dallas, TX. Denver, CO. Los Angelas, CA. San Francisco, CA and Miami, FL. Miami is expected to be abandoned in 48 hours via Naval-Evacuation of all surviving civilians and Military Personnel, in favor of diverting Military Power to reinforce Washington.

Despite their best efforts, the Military is fighting an Up-Hill battle. Without knowing the cause of infection or a means of Treatment and/or Cure, the only options remaining are Capture-and-Detain, or Exterminate. In an effort to avoid a Public-Relations Fiasco and incitement of Mass Panic, the Commander in Chief has ordered that "Lethal Force" be kept to a minimum by the Military in their combat against the infected. Subdugation and Detainment in the hopes of locating a cure for the Infected has been named the preferred course of action... As a result, the effectiveness of the U.S. Military is becoming increasingly negligible.

The Center for Disease Control [C.D.C] has, as of yet, been unable to determine the source of the outbreak, or a method of treatment. Anti-Biotics have proved ineffective. Radiation treatments have also been ineffective. The only confirmed information is that infection is spread through fluidic-contact. Blood, Saliva or any other fluid from the Infected, coming into contact with an open wound or mucus-membrane seems to result in inevitable infection, with varying time-rates. A bite that breaks the skin, depending on body-location, will result in infection of an average Grown-Male in 3 - 5 hours. Ingestion of bodily-bodily fluids, or substances contaminated by the infected, seems to result in infection between 90 minutes and 2 hours, with all other forms of contact spanning from 8 - 48 hours for infection to take full effect.

Infection results in the unpreventable, biological death of the contaminated subject. Heart and Brain Functions all cease, completely. After this occurs, 'Reanimation' of the subject occurs within roughly 5 - 10 minutes from the point of total synaptic failure. All higher-functions of the brain remain inactive, with only the Brain-Stem and the Medulla Oblongata becoming functional again. This causes the Infected to act solely upon instinctive impulse of the lowest, cognitive capabilities. Movements [thus far] are sluggish and poorly coordinated, though levels of aggression seem to be considerably elevated when confronted by the site of movement.

It is note-worthy to state, in this matter, that the physical-senses of the Infected seem to be incredibly reduced in several ways: Their Eye-Site is limited, at best. They seem incapable of spotting targets from a distance greater than 10 - 12 yards (roughly 30-feet.) so long as the 'targets' in question do not move in an overly flamboyant manner. Visual-Acuity seems most accurate between 5 and 15-feet, with an immediate response to visual stimuli, from even a motionless target.

Hearing seems to be slightly impaired, as well, though not to the same extent of visual-impairment. Infected, without having higher, cognitive functions, seem to have an inability to isolate and discern specific noises in an otherwise 'noisy' area. For instance: The way a Normal Person can isolate the Vocals and lyrics in a song, and separate them from the Musical Notes and Chords, as a separate sound.

Despite this, in an otherwise-quiet area, Infected subjects still exihbit a level of alertness and accurate hearing within the normal, human-range of hearing. Spanning anywhere from 10-feet to a maximum of 100 yards, dependent on how loud the noise in question is. Moving in a stealthy-manner can still prove to be effective from a moderate distance.

Without the higher-functions of the brain, Infected-Subjects do not seem to show any recognition to the infliction of physical pain. Because of this, non-lethal tactics against the Infected are a wasted-effort at best, and an exercise in futility, at worst. The only proven way to permenantly incapacitate the Infected is severe trauma to the head and brain, either severing the brain-stem, or permenantly interrupting brain-functionality [A bullet through the brain has proven most effective.] Hemmorhaging of the brain has proven to have little effect, as the subject will continue to function and move, even if the brain is concussed or bleeding shallowly. It is advised that armed forces and civilians confronted with the Infected make certain that brain function is permenantly ceased.




Rules &  Regs:              




1.) Group Members must be approved by the Owner or an Admin. If you have any questions regarding a decision made on approval or disapproval by an admin, bring this to the owners attention in a polite, respectful manner.


2.) Characters should fit into a "Realistic" setting. This isn't Dragonball Z, this isn't Gundam, this isn't Futuristic or Marvel/DC. Your character shouldn't have "special powers" of any kind, they should be a relatively "normal" human being, flung into a Zombie Apocalypse/Survival Scenario. They should not be "genetically enhanced" or be able to talk to animals, or see the future, etc.


3.) OOC is allowed in the group room, along with random chatter/banter, but once RP begins, OOC should be kept to PM's or to a minimum. We may be setting up an OOC room, in order to accommodate people who are just looking for chat.


4.) If you're not sure about wanting to join the group, that's alright. I'm willing to give people a 3 - 5 day grace period, in which you can simply come in, observe the RP, and see if it's something you would like to be involved in. All we ask if that you do not disrupt or interrupt RP when it's in progress, unless you gain prior permission to interject yourself into it.


5.) Side-RP's should be kept to PM, if possible. If you would like to include something in the Main-Group-RP from a side RP, talk to an Admin or the Owner and explain what you want to include/involve. If it's not going to throw off the events of the present Storyline progression, then we'll most likely be able to add it in.


6.) Anime-Style characters are welcome, so long as they can be adapted to fit into a normal, everyday sort of Universe. Again, characters like Goku, Ichigo Kurosaki, InuYasha, etc, probably not a good idea. things like High School of the Dead characters, how ever, are fine to be involved. Just make sure they fit appropriately into this RP, which is primarily a "Real-World/Character" setting.


7.) Do NOT ASK for an Admin/Moderator position if you join the group. I will appoint people I have deemed fit as admins. And will not have more than 3 or 4 at a time.






Q: What kind of Zombies are these?


A: "Stage 1" Zombies. The kind you'd see in "Dawn of the Dead" or "The Walking Dead." Slow, Clumsy, Stupid, but dangerous in large numbers. See the description for more detailed information.



Q: What's the general setting for the RP?


A: As of right now, they are in South-Eastern New Hampshire, the city of Portsmouth, to be precise. The current base of operations/safe zone is Peas International Trade-Port, which was formerly, and is presently being re-used as a Military Air Force Base. Here is a link to the general area and surroundings. http://i45.tinypic.com/2ekotxi.png



Q: Can I be immune to infection?


A: No. Not yet, at least. I haven't made a decision about whether or not anyone will be immune to infection from Zombie-Bites.



Q: Is this a T-Virus kind of Zombie Infection?


A: No. This more of a "Night of the Living Dead" or "Dawn of the Dead" kind of outbreak. There has not yet been any confirmed explanation for it. This may change as RP Progresses.


Q: What kind of RP is this?


A: Long-term RP that is continually evolving, every time somebody does something. If your character loses an arm or a hand or a leg, they will remain without that limb for the rest of the time they are alive in this RP.



Q: Can my character be killed? And what happens if they are?


A: Yes. If you want to have your character be bitten, or if your RP just happens to lead into an inescapable scenario for your character, they can be bitten and/or killed by Zombies.


If this happens, there is no treatment/cure that has been developed, as of yet. This may or may not change. How ever, you can always make/use another character to re-join the RP. [This can be used as a sort of reset-button, if you don't like the direction your characters RP is going in. Think of it as a sort of 'reboot'.]



Q: How can I join in the RP?


A: As the group moves from location to location, people will have to scavenge places to find food, supplies, etc. There will be plenty of opportunity for your character to be introduced to the group as a friend, foe, or independant-ally. Take advantage of locations such as Hospitals, or Food-Stores, Gas Stations, etc.



Q: Is Sexual/Smutty RP allowed?


A: Privately. And not everyone else needs to know about it. In fact, no one else needs to know, unless you're hinting that you and another character are developing a relationship. But still, we don't need the details.


I, personally, don't want to hear about what You and They did with Handcuffs, a Bugle, a Telephone-Cord and a bottle of KY-Jelly the other night. That's between You, Them and Zombie-Jesus... [No, you don't get Kill of the Week for killing Zombie-Jesus, and you should be ashamed for even thinking of it.]



Q: What's the posting-order for the group?


A: We post in order of the Room-List. People who join in an RP AFTER it has already started will wait for the current posting cycle to complete, and then post at their current room position. For instance, if you're placed 3rd in the room list, and you come in during the 5th person's post, you will wait until the LAST person on the list posts, and then make your post as the 3rd person.


Q: "You made an update to the RP Progress, but forgot to include what happened to my character. Am I not part of the RP?"


A: No, not necessarily. You're still a part of the RP, chances are, as you said, I just forgot to include your character, or, for whatever reason, I lost my logs for your part of the RP. PM me and ask me, and I'll ask you to write up, in your own words, a general summary of what happened for your character. I'll probably make some adjustments to it to make it fit properly, and then I'll give you your very-own section of the group page. Promise. <3


RP-PLOT                PROGRESSION:






Brad Paxton is a member of the United States Marine Corps, as a non-commissioned officer, ranked Master Sergeant.


Paxton has been placed in charge of a small, 5-Man Unit which has been dubbed as the S.T.R.U, "Stealth, Tactical Retrieval Unit," in the wake of the unexpected outbreak of infected. Their assigned duties are to infiltrate areas which have been marked as most likely to house Civilian Survivors in a region that has been otherwise over-run with Infected, and to get them out as safely as possible.


Currently on duty at Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, his team has been instructed to enter the militarized safe-zone and gather information from Civilians on their experiences, and discern which areas are most likely to hold a high chance of survivors, for them to investigate and, if necessary, retrieve from Infected Zones.


Paxton's current second in command is Lieutenant Ashley Parker, aka, "Ashes." Shortly after being Helicoptered in to the Safe-Zone, they began their routine of questioning civilians, one of whom happened to be a 16-year-old girl, by the name of Rei. Although young, Rei had lost her entire Family when the outbreak initially began, and when found by Brad, was by herself, and in a state of emotional-wreck. After a bit of consolation, Brad managed to convince her that she would be safe, and that he would make sure she was.


Rei handed Paxton a flier for her School's softball team, explaining to him that other girls from the team, as well as some of the adults, had told her they planned to barricade themselves inside of the Hesser College and the Local High School, to wait for help, in order to avoid the hoardes of Infected assailants that were beginning to appear. With this information new obtained, Brad left Rei under the direction of his Lieutenant to get her cleaned up and clothed properly again, and now is in the process of prepping his team for an infiltration of the High School, in question, in order to search for survivors.


[And this is where the RP, for others, shall begin... Information will be added as the stories progress, so check back, often. Also, just to clarify, these Zombies are, as of this point 'Stage 1' Zombies. Or 'Night of the Living Dead' Zombies. Detailed information can be found in the above paragraphs, detailing the Date/Location, Statistics, etc. They're not mutants, they don't have Resident Evil powers, they're just normal Zombies... think 'The Walking Dead'.]






Under direction from the current, Commanding Officers of the Peas Air Force Base Safe-Zone, Sergeant Paxton's unit is ordered to air-drop into an active, Infected Hot-Zone, to the roof of the Hesser College building, in order to search for an rescue any and all near-by survivors.  Under the cover of Darkness, the team drop-lines onto the building's roof and enters through the Access-Door. Though noted by Brad on the flight in, the sound of the Chopper seemed to be attracting the attention of numerous, near-by Infected, meaning that time for them, the time they had to effectively and safely complete their mission, was short.








Olivia Johnson had found herself stranded near the Spaulding Turnpike on Woodbury avenue, her Ford Escort having finally been run into the ground after a long span of use without the ability to provide for proper maintenance, and was left with the only option of continuing on foot, with the sounds of a Helicopter in the air over her head. She decided the best course of action was to try and follow that sound, and hope it would lead her to the safe haven that she had been seeking, ever since leaving her home in Pennsylvania when the Outbreak of Infection began.


Day 6: Having finally arrived at the general area of Hesser College, Olivia had found that the surrounding area was thick was Walking Dead, too crowded for her to be able to traverse into the building where the Military Chopper had dropped the group of soldiers on top of. Having been spotted by a small group of Infected, she quickly fled across the street and up to a fire-escape attached to an adjacent building. Her only feasible option now was, seemingly to try and signal the Helicopter with the red light of a laser-pointer that she hard brought with her.


Initially, believing she had failed to get the Helicopters attention, Olivia was on the verge of making a desperate, rash decision and jumping from the roof, into a hoard of hungry, waiting Infected, below. But just as she was about to do so, she was suddenly signaled from the roof-top of the college with a bright, green flash of laser-light. It seemed that, while scouting the area for signs of his scouting Lieutenant, Master Sergeant Paxton and his unit had caught site of her laser-light, and used their targetting-laser to signal her of their presence. Now all that was left for her to do, was sit tight, and wait for her inevitable rescue.




Sera Rykers had the unfortunate luck of being cornered in an abandoned home on Shearwater drive, with a hoard of hungry Zombie's clawing at the doors to try and clamber their way inside and to her. Injured by a gunshot to wound to the leg, and with little ammunition left in her rifle and other fire-arms, she was certain that she was about to meet her fate, when she, too, suddenly heard the whirling blades of the Helicopter above head. In desperation, she dug out the last flare-gun she had left and fired it in the direction of the Helicopter in the hopes that it would be seen. Now all she could do was wait, and hope that someone, anyone would come to rescue her from her seemingly grim fate. Though with the sounds of the Helicopter filling the area, some of the Zombies that had been clawing at the door to get at her, seemed as though they were being lured away from her.


Day 6: With the majority of the Undead Hoard being lured away by the arrival and noise of the Helicopter, used to drop off Brad Paxton's unit, Sera managed to take advantage of the situation and slip past many of the Infected, without detection. Like Olivia, she had decided that heading in the direction that the Helicopter had flown in would be her best bet for survival. After a great deal of limping and hobbling, she found herself a few blocks from the College, but before she arrived, she encountered another, lone-traveling survivor, by the name of Kaolin.


Eventually, after a helping to dispatch a small group of straggling Zombies, Kaolin and were flagged down Jennifer, who was just a block away from where the two had met, inside the Bar/Apartment she had been hiding inside of for the better part of the past week. Hearing screams, the two made their way to Jennifer's bar, just in time to rescue her from a shambling hoard of Infected that had been eager to break inside and feast upon her. After Kaolin had rescued Jennifer, and tended to Sera and Jennifer's injuries from days prior, the group would eventually come into contact with Lieutenant Ashley Parker [Ashes], who, after a circumstancial scuffle with Sera, would eventually radio her Sergeant for assistance, and then help herd the group to the roof-top of the bar for a rescue-extraction by the Chopper, as it was signaled down upon its return.




Kaolin C. Chevlar  was, perhaps, the only person lucky enough (or smart enough) to try and make his way to the college, thus far. Hunger compelling him to look for their cafeteria, after managing to barely elude a hungry hoard of infected. Only time and fate will determine what will happen when, and if he makes himself known to the Rescue Unit under Brad's command, who are infiltrating the College as he forages for food in their kitchen.



Day 6: Forced to leave the interior of the college building to evade an increasing hoard of Infected, Kaolin had been stealthily sneaking his way through the streets, attempting to find a refuge from the gathering numbers of Flesh-Eaters that were crowding towards the college he'd once been hiding inside of. In his sneakings, he happened across an injured Sera Rykers, who had been trying to get to the very location where the Zombies had been gathering, unknowingly. After a brief discussion between the two, they were suddenly called out to by Jennifer, who had seen them from the window of the Bar/Apartment she had been barricaded inside of for the better part of the week.


Hearing her screams, both Kaolin and Sera made their way to her location, with Kaolin narrowly saving her life from a Zombie that had managed to make its way through her defenses and had stumbled upon her. The three of them re-fortified the Bar's first floor, and with the given opportunity, Kaolin began to tend to the leg injuries that both Jennifer and Sera had sustained from previous encounters, though he was, fortunately, able to confirm that neither of them had been bitten.


After a few hours, the group were eventually spotted by and then approached by Lieutenant Parker, who had taken the opportunity to scout around the area of the college for possible survivors in surrounding areas. After breaking up an incidental scuffle between Sera and the Lieutenant of Paxton's Unit, the group was informed that they would be air-lifted from the area and brought back to the Militarized Safe Zone. A short while later, Kaolin and the others were lead to the roof-top of the Bar, and boarded the UH-60 Chopper, piloted  by Patricia Albright.




Jennifer Martin had managed to make her way to the School in order to try and look for clothing and supplies amidst the chaos of the City falling to ruin and being over-run by the Infected. As she left the building and attempted to get into  her car again, her keys became jammed in the lock. At the same time, she caught site of an Infected that seemed to be staggering and stumbling towards her. What happens next has yet to be determined.



Day 6: Managing to escape from her stumbling, staggering assailant unharmed, Jennifer managed to retreat back to the Bar she had been taking refuge in for the past week. After hunkering down for another day, she finally caught site of movement that seemed to be 'Alive,' and 'Coherent.' Two, fleeing survivors, trying their best to traverse the city without being spotted by the hoards of undead walking the streets. Taking the risk of attracting more attention to herself than she wanted, Jennifer opened a window and SCREAMED out to the two of them.


Gathering not only their attention, but the attention of and excitement of a nearby group of Infected that had been, previously, stumbling about without direction or purpose. Now suddenly she found herself being beared down upon by a small group of them, attempting to batter down her door to get at her, inside. Luckily, as one managed to make its way through her barricade and seemed just on the verge of tearing her apart with its gnarly teeth, Jennifer was suddenly saved by a swiftly-placed boot of one of the survivors she had signaled to. Kaolin.


After the next couple of hours passed, both Sera Rykers and Kaolin had joined her and helped in re-barricading the doors and windows of the first floor, insuring themselves a bit more safety while they hunkered down. The three traded introductions and Kaolin performed his best 'Nurse-Maid' impression, dressing leg wounds on both of the girls, before they were spotted by the scouting, Lieutenant Ashley Parker, who had been searching for survivors in the near-by area.  After being found and approached by "Ashes," the group was informed of an incoming, Aerial-Rescue by Chopper.


After this, the group was herded to the roof of the bar, and after a brief radio-conversation and then face-to-face with her Sergeant, Paxton, the group was picked up by Patricia Albright, the designated pilot for Brad's unit, and were air-lifted away from the Bar and began route to retrieve both Olivia Johnson, and the Marine Soldier Brad had set with the task of keeping Olivia's roof-top illuminated by laser light.



Patricia Albright


Day 6: Although her activities in the previous days had been limited to air-dropping  Brad Paxton and his team in and out of rescue zones, Patricia had been charged with an additional task on the night of the Hesser College rescue. After having dropped Paxton's team off on the top of the roof of the College, she had been given the duty of circling the city of Newington, just on the border of Portsmouth, in order to search for any signs of Survivors, but also for the sake of remaining in the general area of where Paxton's team was deployed.


"90 minutes and I'll be back," is what she had told Paxton, which worked fine for him, as he had suspected that the Chopper's noise would soon have a massive swarm of hungry Infected upon their location. True to her word and Punctual as an Atomic Clock, even before Paxton had radio'd to her and his team that they were in need of an air-lift, the sound of the Black Hawk she was piloting was filling the air again. 90 minutes, on the dot. The only difference being that now, she had been radio'd and flagged down to a new location for pick-up, and had been given an additional number of passengers to pick up, on their way back.



Aaron Cross:  Day 6:


A wayward CIA operative, who's reasons for being in the Portsmouth Area have yet to be fully explained, he found himself stranded with a CB-Radio while hiding out near the Hesser location. Though hearing conversations between Paxton and Parker over their Walkie-Talkies, by shere luck of having stumbled across their radio frequency, he radio'd to them desperately for help in the hopes of rescue, and his calls were answered, fortunately for him.


Hunkering down in the area across from the college, near its dormitory's, Aaron now had to make an effort to fortify himself and wait until the Chopper could reach his location, in order to air-lift him out of the Hell he had found himself in.