Once upon a time, there was a beautiful house on a beautiful street.  However, never judge a book by its cover.  This house was evil.  Anyone who passed away within its property would have their very soul consumed by the house; forever trapped within its walls.  Neither innocent or guilty are safe from its power.

Time Line


  • The Murder House is built by the "Surgeon to the Stars", Charles Montgomery, for his wife, Nora.[2]

  • William Baxter born May 28th.


  • In the following four years, Dr. Montgomery becomes addicted to ether and becomes obsessed with resurrecting dead animals. In order to finance their elaborate lifestyle and his addiction, Charles and Nora begin performing abortions in their basement. One patient's boyfriend kidnaps the Montgomerys' baby, Thaddeus, and dismembers him. The police return the child's various body parts to Dr. Montgomery in jars, which he then begins sewing back together.


  • Elizabeth Short born July 29th (historically).


  • Loraine Baxter born April 4th.


  • Charles Montgomery brings Thaddeus back to life as the "Infantata." It is now a being that craves blood. Nora finally loses it and shoots Charles, then commits suicide.

  • WWII Army Infantryman and his young bride move in. The wife is killed on her wedding day.


  • Dentist Dr. Curan sedates and rapes Elizabeth Short who dies from the sedation. Dr. Montgomery appears and offers help. He dismembers Ms. Short.


  • Loraine Baxter kills her husband, William Baxter, after she finds out about his affair with her best friend Celia. It is hinted Celia may also have been murdered. Loraine then dies by putting her head in the stove (or someone else killing her that way).


  • The house is being used as a Sorority house for a nursing school. The R. Franklin murders take place.

Late 1960s/ Early 1970s

  • Constance moves from Virginia to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.


  • Adelaide is born. Constance ends her acting career.[citation needed]


  • A boy named Alex kills his sister in the house.


  • Tate is born.


  • The house is now abandoned and decaying. Troy and Bryan are killed by the Infantata.


  • By now, the house has been refurbished. Constance murders Hugo and Moira in the house.


  • Constance and her children move out of the house.

  • Sam and Nikki Argento move in, but are murdered in the house during BDSM roleplay a short time later. (September 23, 1984)


  • Larry Harvey and his family move to the Murder House. Constance seduces Larry and begins an affair with him so he'll kick out his family and she can move back into the house. Upon finding out about his unfaithfulness, Larry's wife Lorraine sets a room in the house on fire, killing herself and their two daughters.

  • Sometime later, Constance, Tate, Beau and Addie move back into the house.


  • Larry kills Beauregard, acting on instruction of Constance. Constance was going to be put in prison for her treatment of Beauregard, and Beauregard was going to be taken away by Child Protective Services.

  • Tate sets Larry on fire at his office and then goes to his school to kill 15 people. He is killed afterwards in the Murder House house by a S.W.A.T. team.

Early 2000s

  • Anthropologist suffering from OCD lives in the house with her family. She eventually "had to clean them out."


  • Chad and Patrick buy the house in order to fix it up and then sell it at a profit. They are both killed by the Rubber Man some time later.

  • Vivien miscarries.

  • Ben gets caught cheating on Vivien with Hayden; the family decides to move.


  • Ben, Vivien, and Violet Harmon move into the Murder House.

  • Rubber Man impregnates Vivien. The pregnancy is a heteropaternal superfecundation, with Ben being one of the fathers of the twins and Rubber Man being the other.

  • Fiona, Bianca and Dallas attempt to recreate the R. Franklin murders with Vivien and Violet as victims, but they fail as Tate kills Bianca and Gladys and Maria kill Fiona and Dallas.

  • Larry kills Hayden.

  • Addy dies in a hit-and-run accident.

  • Violet commits suicide.

  • Hayden kills Travis.

  • Tate kills Phil.

  • Vivien goes into labor, and gives birth to one stillborn and one healthy baby, and dies during labor due to complications.

  • Hayden, Fiona and Dallas kill Ben, making it appear as if it were a suicide.

  • Constance takes the healthy baby for herself, naming him Michael.

The Residents

The Deceased
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Infanta (possibly Thaddeus, but not verified) (20’s)

Death: If Thaddeus, then he was stolen and dismembered, and then grotesquely revived by Dr. Montgomery, though the Infantata has not been confirmed as being the revived Thaddeus
Visible wounds: none, appears as a monster.
Haunting seems to be limited to the basement.



Charles Montgomery (‘20s)

Death: Shot by Nora Montgomery after trying to “fix” their dismembered child
Visible Wounds: None yet to be seen, but he most likely has a gunshot wound.


Nora Montgomery (‘20s)

Death: Suicide by pistol to the mouth.
Visible wounds: Exit wound at the back of her head.
Still believes she owns the house and is on a constant search for her baby, who was stolen and 
dismembered only to be turned into a vile creature by her insane, drug addict husband Charles Montgomery, whom Nora shot before shooting herself in the mouth.


Elizabeth Short AKA Black Daliah

Death: Killed by laughing gas unintentionally by her dentist, but was dismembered post-mortem by Charles


Maria (60’s)

Death: Stabbed multiple times in back by serial killer seeking vengeance against nurses
Visible Wounds: Stab wounds appear in back through her dress


Gladys (60’s)

Death: Drowned in bathtub by serial killer seeking vengeance against nurses
Visible wounds: None (due to nature of death)


The Twins- Troy and Bryan (‘70s)

Death: Killed when snooping around the haunted house, assumed by the Infantata
Visible wounds: Scratched up., slit throats
The twins were running around the house, destroying things despite the warnings of Constance’s late daughter, Addie. They were murdered in the house


Moira O’Hara (80's)

Death: Shot by Constance along with Constance’s husband.
Visible wounds: While in her aged state: the eye she was shot in is glossed over. No visible wounds in her young state.
Moira was murdered by Constance when Constance walked in on Moira and Constance’s husband almost sleeping together. Moira has the ability to be seen as a young woman by the majority of the men on the show, and as an old woman by most of the women.

Hugo (80's)

Death: Shot by his wife, Constance
Visible Wounds: None that have been seen yet

Loraine Harvey (90's)

Death:  Fire

Visible Wounds:  Appears to always be on fire

Margaret and Angela Harvey (90's)

Death: Fire

Visible Wounds:  Severe smoldering burns

Beau (90’s)
Death: Suffocated by Larry Harvey
Visible wounds: None
Another one of Constance’s children. Beau was murdered by Larry Harvey when it was a possibility that he was going to be taken away from Constance. He is chained in the attic and plays with a red ball.

Tate Langdon (90’s)

Death: Gunned down by FBI
No visible wounds.
Constance’s only perfect child, Tate was gunned down by police and FBI shortly after murdering 15 students at his school. He is in love with Violet and posses no special powers so far.


Patrick & Chad (00’s)

Death: Believed to be suicide, but later revealed that they were murdered by Constance’s dead son, Tate Langdon disguised as the Rubber Man.
No visible wounds.
Patrick and Chad had a very rocky relationship in which Chad catches Patrick cheating and things are never the same. They are murdered by Tate AKA Rubber Man whilst decorating for a Halloween party in attempt to sell the House.


Hayden McClaine (10’s)
Death: Murdered by Larry Harvey, Constance’s stalker/lover- blunt force trauma to head with shovel
Visible wounds: none besides decay
Hayden McClaine, Ben’s ex-lover took a shovel to the face when she visited Ben & his family to tell Vivian about her baby.


Home Invaders Fiona and Dallas (‘10s)

Death: Killed in basement after attempting to kill Vivien and Violet to recreate the murders of Maria and Gladys in the 1960s, assumedly by the Infantata
Visible wounds: Throats slashed- much like Bryan and Troy who died in the same location


Violet Harmon

Death: Overdose on sleeping pills
Visible Wounds: None


Travis Wanderley

Death: Stabbed by Hayden and dismembered post-mortem by Charles like Elizabeth
Visible Wounds: None

Vivien Harmon

Death: Died during childbirth
Visible Wounds: None


Ben Harmon

Death: Hung by Hayden with the help of the home invaders
Visible Wounds: None

The Living 
Constance Langdon
Matriarch of the Langdon family.
Four children.

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