Reconstruction in Progress

Description of Terms:

  • Acompendia: The name of the world and the group's setting. Acompendia is a collection of literary works brought to life by "The Ghost Writer".
  • The Ghost Writer: The creator of Acompendia.
  • Librarian: Servants of The Ghost Writer. They are charged with keeping order in Acompendia, protecting, and upkeeping the books in the Library of Origins.
  • Character Creation: 

So who exactly is allowed in Acompendia? 
- Fairy Tale: All Fairy Tale characters are allowed. This can be for example from Hans Christian Andersen or Brothers Grimm. 
-Classic Storybook Literature: Also allowed are characters created from storybook literature. A good example of this is anything from Alice in Wonderland. If you are unsure about the character source you want to create from, feel free to contact a mod. 
-Visitors: Human characters that are from the real world and have been taken by some magical means to the realm. Their function is usually to become heroes for the realm by lending an outsider's view and completing tasks that Acompendians are either incapable of doing or unwilling to try. 


  1. 1.) Drama. While we should not have to address this, it is better to be safe than sorry and all that. There is a no-drama policy as always, so please do not drag your drama into the room. We are here to roleplay and have fun and you should do the same. Any attacks on other players OOCly will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. If there is trouble with another player, feel free to contact any one of the mods about it, with a screenshot as proof. This is what your friendly Librarian mods are for.
  2. 2.) Room Rating. The room should be kept at a member-friendly PG-13. Cursing within reason and light PDA is allowed in the chatroom, but anything more than heavy petting should be taken to PM out of courtesy.
  3. 3.) Respect. Tolerance is expected of all members. A certain amount of respect should be shown at all times. While we understand that characters are bound to get into scraps with one another, that is fine. But, the problem should never move to OOC. On the same note, IC is not OOC and visa versa. Please, know and respect the difference. However, tolerance should never be mistaken for having to roleplay with someone you do not wish to. Here, a firm 'no' should mean 'no.' 
  4. 4.) Doubles. Doubles are not allowed, based on the fact that there are so many different things to choose from. This keeps anyone from getting confused during roleplay. However, if you and another person both want the same character, but can creatively work it out, feel free to do so!