Due to a slight trouble with my  former group, I am forced to redoing it here. The former Tower of Babel is burned and gone. Now we begin Anew. To any and all...welcome to Bedlam.



   Since there was....supposedly no Goal for  Babel and due to ...a coup. I must Redo much of my work. Unless the Traitors turn over the material I so wish for. Otherwise, this New World is set in a similar dimension, save the big difference between Soldiers and Warriors(Superiors, Alphas, and Primes are all alternate titles) Soldiers are your minions, your  Gang or Army of followers. They are affected by your choices of how youw ish to advance yourself. The Stealthy bunch of Merchants or Rogue psychopathic Ninjas, your choices affect your group.  This also affects the world and domain you live in. 




Currency here is earned by kills and fulfilling objectives  made by The Outsider. Other rewards being more Technology and Ranks which improve your social standing among the Angeli and Deimos who will reward your Group for other deeds performed within their respective areas they own and classes they run.



 The Outsider being who he is steals souls  they have been tempered by battle, combat, and harships in each of their lives from Earth and other planets that have life within the Earthling Dimension. He  filters them, and gives them powers depending on his mood and thus, some are God-like by themselves or weaker than most of the Soldiers they command. Now, let us talk about  Bedlam's land masses. It has five continents dominated by  five Main cities.  It is cut into five by four oceans.


  So, the groups build their bases wherever within the cites. As such they are able to  control the territory they have by recruiting more or creating more soldiers, depending how the group grows. Assimilation, Infection, Recruitment,  Control, or  Fear. These are the main ways.



Things you can do and can't: You can choose any warrior, serial killer, Soldier,  even a victim  of war  who was accidentally stolen away into Bedlam. You can't be an Angelos or Deimos unless you are given the go ahead by the owner. You can have awesome powers, but they have to have drawbacks. Anything else, just ask.


Goals: Kill the Emperor when you are strong enough

Become strong enough to Kill the Emperor

Kill and absorb Superior's  energies via a Relic.

Find out what your relic is.



Guidelines of Battle:

Your character can respawn, if killed by an Inferior, you have to wait two In Rp day and if killed by a Superior  however it varies on how much damage they do to your body, if it is  just ashot to eth ehead, a day maybe even half, getting sucked into a blackhole...A Weekish.


You allies can give their energy to others  but can do it once a day and only lasts for two days


You must have a Base of Operations or Organization.



Certain Soldiers or Units are prone to certain weaknesses, fear can make armored  more frantic...like being lit on fire and being boiled alive in a mech....