Modern Fantasy


    Secret worlds, unknown to the human eye. Hidden histories, with stories untold. Beings of immense power, who never drop the visage of a mortal life in normal society. Wizards battling each other, hidden from the eyes of the ordinary. Ghosts and demons, cleansed before the general populace can understand that those mysterious deaths weren't just natural causes. Fairies, trolls, demons, angels, all walking amongst us, with people none the wiser.


  Such is the world unknown to all but a select few. The select few that do know, were perhaps born to the head of a prestigious clan of slayers, or maybe they stumbled across their latent ability to control magic, only to find that it attracts unfathomable evil. Either way, the world spins on around, forever changed in their eyes. Unable to share their knowledge due to persecution, or the general populace wanting to hold onto what they know as normal, they're left behind in a existence that has suddenly became hostile to them, or even wonderous and amazing.


  They move on with their lives either way. They can't quit now. They're part of something that makes them special, or perhaps, something that calls out to them. A longing to become something, to be something.


General Setting


  Modern Fantasy exists as a group, to bring together people who appreciate such a setting. As such, various stories can come together, and blend. At the moment, there is no singular plot line, or main antagonist. The room exists to simply bring together those who appreciate the genre, and want to RP their characters with others who enjoy the same thing. The room itself wants to endorse, however, that these are original character concepts, and nothing from a canon storyline or series. There are other rooms on RPH for those sorts of settings. If you want to brainstorm with others and fit your character in with theirs? Go right ahead. Want your own original concept? Go for it.


What is Modern Fantasy?


  So, to those curious.... just what is Modern Fantasy you might ask? There are various pages that can explain this to you. I'll be linking a few that can explain the topic far better than I, but I think the first paragraph pretty much sums it up. Even so, if you want some examples or a more literal definition you can visit Wikipedia's page on Modern Fantasy, or, for examples that you can relate to, check out the TVTropes page on the subject!




  Still being worked out at the moment! Group is currently owned by me, Irou Hida, and I'll eventually be adding moderators in on as needed basis. I'll elect them myself, so please don't ask.




 Here comes the not so fun part... the rules. Rules are indeed needed, even amongst friends and people we trust, so here they are!

1: No drama, please. If you have a problem with someone, either ignore them, or take it up with a mod if they harass you.

2: We specifically want original characters, not ones from any canon setting! You can be inspired by said setting, but it can't be the same one.

3: It might be a good idea to state if you're using low powers, or high powers in your profile. What is that, you might ask? Low would be something average, like the Dresden Files, while something high might be some of the more common stuff seen in anime (Like Shakugan no Shana, or even Bleach or Yu Yu Hakusho).

4: No sexual profiles. We want clean profiles. That doesn't mean there can't be certain sexual themes in the RP, as long as you don't get your jollys on in the room, or bludgeon us with it. Modern Fantasy can be dark sometimes, the subject matter of rape, or bloody violence can, and do come up in these stories, but it shouldn't be the main focus.

5: On the topic of powers, you're not invincible. You won't be. Unless at some point we get an antagonist that can tie together everyones stories, you can die, or you can lose a fight. That doesn't mean you can't be strong. It just means you're not Superman.

6: If RP is going on in the room, please use OOC brackets.

7: Most of all, have fun. The group is for RP, and to love the genre. That's all it ever will be.