Now that your attention is fully mine, welcome to the Nudist beach.

This is a clothing optional settings, you can be naked or fully clothed; or anywhere inbetween. It is not up to others to control what you wear and how you sport it. If anyone has issues with it, the admin or mod on duty can choose to address it or give the person a bottle for crying about something silly. While we encourage roleplaying to happen on a regular routine, we can understand the " Burned out " feeling people get from groups or other things in life. That is why we will have a OOC Friendly enviroment, do not mistake this as a pass to come in and do nothing but post OOC.

Beach Owner[s]

♦ Amazing Tits  

She is a very bold woman, mostly out on the beach fully naked or in a daring and new outfits. But it is not an invitaion to sexual activities on her part. With the full burden of making sure the beach is up to the standards of it's people she will be anything from a outdoor hostess to a lifeguard. While some still go by her nick name " Amazing Tits" her real name is Una, so if you are to read her name tag if she is a hostess, please use it otherwise expect her to stare at you and wait for her reail name to be said. Some may call it prude but she has a name, she likes to hear it.


This room is once again clothing optional, you can be clothed or naked. It doesn't matter, don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. If you feel some one is breaking this rule, inform the staff so it can be corrected without delay. [ If a mod is currently idle, a screen shot would be lovely. ]

♦ You can be held responsible for private messages that break this rule. Just because you think you are safe in a private message in other rooms, that is not the same for this one. Forceful actions will be dealth with, regardless of where they occur. But more than likely if it is a minor offense we will inform both parties to ignore each other.

♦ Bans for the forceful play will be as followed.

Fist offense - A kick

Second offense - 2 day ban

Third Offense- 2 week Ban

Fouth Offense - Banned for Life

The Nudist Beach is meant for a long term setting, while there are other area's on the beach; it is mostly around the beach itself being there. Changing it will be allowed but let's not make anything super deluxe, out of this world settings. It is meant for the relaxation of others that don't want to be around groups that are flooded with a million options and only a few players that find interest in them.