Welcome to the Final Fantasy VIII group! We're glad that you've managed to stumble across our little section of RPH and we're even more glad if you've decided to join us in our appreciation and love of the game. We hope that the group will be able to provide a place to kick back and just enjoy the finer points of FFVIII (whatever you may deem them to be), all within a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. So hop right in and see what happens!

However nice a place this may turn out to be, like all nice things, sometimes rules must be had to keep the place, well, nice. No doubt you've all heard them before some way in some other group at some other time, but here's a quick(not) run-through again.

REMEMBER YOUR AGE – If you’re on this site, you should be 18 or older. Act like it. This means no blame-games, no whining about stupid, petty things, and learning how to deal with issues in a manner befitting of adults (as in discussing the problem and solving it, not calling each other whores or whatever in statuses or openly in the room). There will be no drama unless it is actually RP related, got it? If it starts, you will be asked to stop. If you ignore that, you will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

What? This is an RP site? – Really, guys. It is. Since a looser version of this rule got abused the last time around, it’s been changed. If you are speaking in the room, make it IC. Ya’ll might think we’re joking here, but we’re not. If you have OOC, put it in tags. If it’s to one person, that’s what PMs are for. We will have an OOC room as well when things really get going. Full-blown RP doesn’t have to be going on 24-7, but for fuck’s sake, at least try to be your character for once, huh? Act utterly ridiculous if you like, but do it at least semi-IC. It's possible, believe me.The purpose of this group was to promote RP (you know, that role-playing stuff), not give people another OOC room to talk about random crap. The only real exception to this will be for new people trying to feel their way around in the room who may not know the rules/just want to see what’s going on with it.

Characters – All characters are welcome within the room, but only FF8-centric characters (this includes canons and OCs) will be allowed to join the actual group. Doubles are welcome. If you have a problem with someone playing the same character as you, you’re welcome to leave. We won’t tolerate any “owning” of canon characters or declarations of “I play so-and-so better than you”.

Settings – Unless otherwise specified, always assume that the room setting is somewhere in Balamb Garden. Be it the cafeteria, the training center, the balcony outside… That’s all up to you guys. Use that creativity I know you all have. We’re not here to spoon-feed everything to you, but provide a place to foster and promote thinking.


Common sense and respect – We really shouldn’t have to point this one out, but some people need to be slapped in the face with how to act like a decent human being sometimes. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t flame people based on their preferences. Don’t make assumptions. The only exception to this is if it is all IC (some characters like Seifer are meant to be assholes, we know), and no one should be OOC for a majority of the time anyway so this shouldn’t be a problem. Got it? Good.

Group Plot – Does it exist? No. Will it? Maybe. Have a suggestion? Throw it at us and we’ll see what the active members of the group think about it. Can we just randomly throw an RP post in and see if people respond? YES. Write out your character’s entrance. Write them doing something stupid. Just write them and write them IC. That’s all we’re asking, really. Interact with people. Not everyone plays characters the same way and just because you had a bad experience with one doesn’t mean they’re all like that. See what happens and allow others to hop in if they’re interested. It’s not that hard, really. Just try it and find out.

Handling the room -- A mod/owner is not needed to open the room, guys. If you feel the urge to open it, do it! You’re adults, remember? We don’t need to hold your hands. Also, please for the love of all that is holy, do not ask to become a mod. If we decide that we need another one or two, we’ll choose who we think is actually responsible enough to do it. Also remember that the existing mods/owners do have real life obligations (as we’re sure all of you do) and can’t be around 24-7. If you ever have a problem, send one of us a note. If it’s an altercation with another person, include logs. We will not pass judgment on a “he said/she said” basis, no matter who you are. 

As a side-note, if there's only one person in the room, chances are that they're not paying attention. Ping them, make a post, whatever. Just don't sit there, say nothing, then leave in a huff because you think everyone's ignoring you. Please, for the sake of everyone, keep this in mind.

Balamb Garden - The central figure of the three schools. Wrapped in an atmosphere of freedom, conduct and attire are left to the discretion of the pupils.

As you know (if you got to the missile base and succeeded at winning the mission), Balamb Garden is now mobile. It will be the setting of the room, but the surrounding areas may also be considered as part of the setting. Though not a full-fledged plot per say, there will be ocassional location changes of where Garden is stationed. Minor descriptions of the current area will be posted here. Have an idea of how to expand this or a suggestion for an actual plot? Don't be afraid to speak up.

Current location: Fishermans Horizon

Fisherman's Horizon (commonly abbreviated as FH) is attached to a transcontinental bridge in the middle of the ocean, with Galbadia to the west and Esthar to the east. The town is lightly populated and sees little immigration due to Esthar shutting itself off from outside interest. People from the Galbadian continent, attempting to cross to Esthar, have made their permanent residence here. The buildings are made out of recycled materials, and the town's energy is provided by windmills and solar-panels. As the town mayor is a strict pacifist, the town has no militia or weapons, and disputes are solved through discussion. 


FH was built by the dissatisfied engineers who were active during the time of Esthar's development. They decided to abandon their homeland and build a new city elsewhere. The town was named by the man who had played an important role in breaking away from Esthar. Those involved in the town's construction have grown old, but the town has reached the point of seeing its first genuinely native generation grow up. The town was built on the old railroad station used to cross the sea, and ruins of that structure still remain.


8/9/12 ~ Group Started

8/12/12 ~ Group Layout Finished

3/24/13 ~ Group Rules Reformatted - Revival in Process?

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