the saiga talent agency

甘面髟心about us;


So, you want to be a star?

The Saiga Talent Agency is an international agency housed in Hong Kong, though it originated in Japan. The Saiga Talent Agency hires,  contracts, promotes and all-around aids in the careers of idols through-out the world, and is renowned as one of the top agencies. The agency primarily works with models.
The Agency has a secret to its success. Stars of different species are employed within the agency, and humans cannot help but be entraced by the stars of mythical origin. There is a hidden contest within the agency; whatever race has the best and most irresistible celebrities gives their race pride and bragging rights. Due to this aspect, the races must obviously be mostly humanoid in appearance and mannerism {So no furries/anthros, sorry}.

What sort of stars do you sign?

Models, actors&actresses, singers, dancers&athletes.

Known races!

Fae, demons, angels, humans, vampires & others.
Housing ~
The agency houses, trains and provides the stars with everything they need on two large compounds; the North and South. The agency has so few stars signed under them, but makes enough for such agreements. The stars often travel together for opportunities.
Is this a school?
The celebritie here need classes to be successful; it continus throught their lives. They may get training and essenial skills via these classes. For this reasoon, the agency also doubles as an academy for those seeking to get into the professional arts.

a day in the life

戶文being a star;



Every star has to live a fast-paced life. Downtime is rare; who makes it all possible?


Agents can be employed by multiple stars and not just one; they guide the stars through their journey and ensure that they are as successful as can be. They act as representatives of the celebrities.
Contracts are fundemantal for any successful organization; some contracts are normal in this agency, but there are those rare few that, when crafted by agents of mythological origins, endow a celebrity with a subtle gift that aids them in their endeavors... and of course, these gifts and contracts are binding. These "gifts" work like any traditional mythical gift; ex: glamour, charm, charisma, elemental manipulation, etc.

The gifts are subtle; it leaves photographers and fans wondering how these
celebrities hold their breath under water, or even seem to become one with it. They just
assume it's experience -- but you know it's not.

showcase your talents


Contests are the main way in which characters can show off. There will be a bunch of events with due dates; winners will be announced after the due date and receive trophies, and prizes. Events will correspond with roleplay scenarios.

Only members can participate.

Event  #1;

Islands of  Paradise

Show us your best candid of a scene you had (alone or with others).
Prize: TBA.
Event #2
Dreams within Paradise
Showcase a dreamy scene with your character with a tropical or jungle-based theme.
Prize: TBA.

the community


To sum it up, this group, besides roleplay, is geared towards those people who like art and creating nifty backgrounds, images and edits for their characters, as well as videos and gifs. This group gives you a chance to showcase your artistic and code-related talents, and be recognized for it too! Of course, if you do not have such abilities, we also do tons of RP (as that is the main focus) and writing talents will also be recognized through contests and events. Yes, as this group grows,  there will be monetary donations made to the winners accounts.

Likewise, registration for this group will eventually close and re-open at random periods.


The stars have been sent on

vacation in Hawaii.



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