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Welcome to the world of Alchemy


The Owner and Ranked Members

Community Guidelines

1. Respect

Respecting other users, which is basically be nice to everyone whether they’re foreigners or hot pocket-eating Floridians. Do not disrespect the room operators, but do not feel threatened by them either. Doubles are allowed, but not in plots.

In-Character and Out-of-Character are different. Do not mix the two. Always ask before assuming they are if you are uncertain. If something someone is talking about really begins to bother you, let us know and we will ask that they tone it down a bit. Examples being topics about politics, race, drama from other other websites and groups, etc etc. We will step in if it starts making people uncomfortable.

Respect serious roleplay when it is going on in chat. Do not be flooding the window with OOC comments and random chatter. Remember, this is a roleplay site, and as such, roleplay comes first. Not your silly cat pictures and LOLRANDOM-ness.

2. Adult Content (AKA Smut, textual porn, slash, etc.)

Any form of sexual post is for PM only. There is a fine line between touching certain body parts and simply hugging.

Pairings are allowed, but do not cause drama out of who pairs with who. Or public make out sessions.

No smut-based profiles are allowed. Period. F-lists are tolerated. If there are links to smut pictures in your profile, make note of it.

3. Fights

By default, there will be no T2 or speed typing. It leads to too many disputes. No character deaths either unless the typist states they want them to die(which is rare anyway).

4. Original Characters

Original Characters will be allowed in the room on a few conditions:
1. No God Modding/Mary Sues. You are not the most powerful alchemist ever. You are not Father's 8th super powerful Homonculus. Just stop.

2. Conform to the Fullmetal Alchemist Universe. This means no demon hunters, demons, demigods, or anything of that nature.

3. Try and make your character flow with our plot. Don't try and pop in with some deus ex machina crap. That won't be allowed.

We reserve the right to refuse any original character admission at any time.

Questions or suggestions about the group? Ask the owner or mods.

If you are caught in violation of any of the above rules, you will receive the following:

1. Warning

Upon your first infringment of any rule, you will receive a PM from a Moderator or Owner with a stern warning.

2. Kick

If you are found to be in violation of any of the rules after receiving a warning, you will receive a kick from the room with another stern warning.

3. Ban

If, after receiving two warnings, you are found to be in violation of anyt of the rules, you receive a permenant ban from the room.