Dune Academy For The Gifted.

[ Until I return the Academy shall be in the hands of Sinner and Roxi ] 

This is a brief background story.. of the chaos that happened in the past.

Dune Academy; from the outside most of the building has a respectable appearance and reveals to outsiders that the Academy is nothing more than an upper-class private establishment for girls.

The Academy had been formerly owned by Principal Dune - the only male to have ever stepped foot in the establishment - and he acted not only as the Headmaster to the many girls, but he was also the father to several of the girls whom were enrolled; them being, of course, the only humans to have ever been enlisted into the Student Body. His daughters, Nerissa, Amity and Gabriella had all been raised within the confinements of the Fourth Floor, a secret, hidden level where they were able to live a relatively normal and seemingly happy life. Nerissa, as the eldest, had managed to land herself a place as the Head Girl, the Prefect above all other girls much to the dismay of the competitive and highly intelligent young woman, River whom had worked hard in order to reserve the place in her favor. When Nerissa landed the role and the Dunes discovered that she was nothing more than a human lacking powers, you can rest assured that there was a lot of tension forming among all the girls, especially between River and Nerissa.

River's sister, Raven, on the other hand was different to her twin. Rebellious, lively and reckless, Raven would be the cause of a lot of chaos in the school as far as anyone was concerned; however, most of the time she had been set up by none other than Nerissa and her youngest sister Amity who were only too happy to watch as Raven was called into the Principal's office time and time again. "You were there," He'd grill into her, "How is it these things always happen around you when you just happen to be alone?" But no matter how many times Raven would claim her innocence, it often ended with her getting a bad mark against her name.

River already knew Nerissa was behind it, but Raven would blatantly ignore her twin and shake it off, dismissing the idea of the Head Girl having any part in it, until she found out first-hand and devised a scheme of her own to get the girl back. It failed of course, like most of the other schemes Raven often came up with to cause chaos just to show that she could be the bad guy in all of the events that Nerissa carefully planned out. Anything from serums and collars to a large experiment involving a shard of her own soul that was later given life upon the Core's destruction, Raven had more failures than success looming over her.

In recent times however, the Academy has had a major breakdown; when the Core was destroyed in the Facility that Raven and her sister owned prior to the take-over and complete reconstruction by Vinzent, it set off a chain of events that not only destroyed half the Academy which, by the way was several hundred feet away from the building, but it also led to the deaths of several Dune students, including the Principal; all of whom had been connected like a network to the Core itself. Without a Principal, the next in line for running it had been Nerissa who had made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with it, trying to sell it off or give it away to the Mage whom had already taken over the Dune Facility that Raven had cherished so much.

In recent years many of the girls have fled, returning home after the unusual disappearances of Raven, her twin, the Core Child (who had been born following the destruction, to River), the Firstborn Dune, Vena awakened from an extensive self-induced exile-slumber but soon after vanished from the scene, Nerissa was assassinated through a window by an unknown source, and there remains perhaps a handful of girls who had nowhere else to go, who are fighting for survival on a daily basis in the shadows of the Academy, mostly living in fear of what might happen to them.

But only time will tell as to what becomes of the Academy. And what happened to them? Each and every Dune was hunted down, exterminated, tortured, or taken prisoner for Vinzents twisted experiments. Now the old Academy has been reopened (with new furnishings and facilities) under ARCHOS' umbrella. Its doors are opened for all to enter to tame their wild powers or focus them further.






The campus consists of three main buildings. The first most see is the main learning institution. Classes, Caffeteria, The Gym, and the Offices. To either side rest two other buildings. One is the dorms for students to stay in while the other, much smaller than the other two, is always locked and guarded. Students are warned to stay away from that building as its still under construction.. though no construction is ever seen going on.


The Gym is for those who are a little rougher around the edges. It comes complete with a locker room, sauna, workout equiptment, and public showers. It also houses another section altogether for the purpose of training simulations.


In the back is a moderately sized nature trail that goes around the back of the property. There is also a decent-sized yard for the girls who live at the property to enjoy year round to tend to the garden itself.

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