"The Zodiac guardians are born every few hundred years as the age of each Zodiac expires. Their duty is to protect and uphold the balance, even though some of them may disagree and rebel. Each are gifted with an inherited abilities that they either use to their advantage throughout their life, blatantly disregard their roles with it's use, or try to hide it from one another. Whether they like it or not, they are connected. Eventually, their paths will cross... And when it does, there is no telling what may happen." - Cancer

The twelve Zodiacs are reincarnated within each lifetime to uphold the cosmic balance of the universe. There is a spoken prophecy of the coming of the Thirteenth Sign. The coming of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer will upset the order and bring chaos to the world. It is up to the Zodiac guardians to defeat and lock away Ophiuchus once again and restore the balance. However, with the good carries the bad. The Signs struggle with their dark side, their alignments sway and their loyalties are questioned. Falling victim to manipulation, will they be able to such poison and overcome their darkest qualities to carry out their mission? Using their abilities, they’ll fight this battle to defeat the odds. Beware the Serpent Bearer.

"Each life time, they were resurrected to fulfill their duties of keeping everything balanced. It was the unspoken tie they held that drew them together as they grew into adulthood. One by one, they showed up to the sacred place they called ‘home’. A strange clearing in a vast forest that provided them the necessary amenities. A home of their own and a common place for socialization." Each home is an apartment sized, ranch style home with nothing more than a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Laundry can be done in the common club house area. There is a large lake, a pool, place to barbeque, and other amenities, all located on a large, designated property. Have questions? Just PM Pisces.