everyone's a cat


 General info


 Welcome to the Group for Cats, where just about everyone is a Cat! Welcome to Alternate Universe Earth where everyone is a cat! There are others, of course, who were born with rabbit ears, and dog ears; there was even a time when someone killed off 6 million rabbits-- But that's history... The roleplay takes place in modern day New York City, also known as 'The Melting Pot of the World,' or 'The City that never sleeps.' To its inhabitants, it is their bustling, never-silent home.


 In this place, there is no such thing as 'humans'... In fact: to them Humans are equivalent to Aliens for us, and everyone in this world is referred to as a Devil... No, it doesn't mean they're demonic in anyway, it's just simply what they call themselves. However there is a small population of Devils that know how to use magic, and that small population usually works for the government in one way or another... Also, do not fret; animals do exist here, as do pets. They are very much unlike Devils themselves, as they are not Devils, and Devils are not animals.


some basic rules!

Play nice; Be friendly and respectful to fellow group members and moderators! If you don't have anything nice to say, it's usually better to not say anything at all...

No super-trolling please; A little fun and joking here and there is fine, but don't be a blatant super-troll and hurt others feelings for a laugh.. And if you do, apologize, or you will have to face the consequences.

No sexually explicit layouts; We're not a smut room... :( If you have NSFW images on your profile, please hide them in links(marking them as NSFW would probably be a big help)! It's greatly appreciated. With that said, anyone with sexually explicit content in their profile will be kicked two times(should they continue to enter with disregard to this rule), and then given a 24-hour ban. During this time they are expected to change their profile to hide the images, but if they return into the room without doing so, they will be perma-banned.

Auto-Cats are a Go; Regardless of your character's background, etc., once you enter the room on that name it's assumed they have cat ears and their background is modified to fit in with this universe. This is only for anybody who enters the room, but to join the group/group-plot roleplays you must have an original character that's strictly for this group. There may be exceptions to this rule, please speak to Noa for more information. *CHARACTERS MAY NOT JOIN IN STORYLINE/PLOTLINE ROLEPLAYS UNLESS THEY HAVE JOINED THE GROUP.

More rules underway!


 Character creation!


Now that all of that is out of the way, let's get to character creation bits! To do that, we'll first explain Races, their stance in the modern world, and then other species!



 Amongst the species there are many a race, though there are four that seem to mainly flourish more than the rest. However this doesn't mean other races don't exist, and you are more than welcome to make a character of another race.


Cats; A majority of the Devil population is made up of mostly felines. Quantity over Quality in their case.

Dogs; Dogs are a close second in comparison to the population of cats, though they're still treated terribly and are usually known to have a chip on their shoulder alot of the time, especially against cats.

Rabbits; Rabbits are usually stereotyped as the hipsters of society. They're also more often than not the butt of many jokes.

Foxes; Foxes are known for disguising themselves as dogs and cats, and also for their historical skills as magicians.



There are two other species related to the Devil species, but are not considered Devils because of their special physical characteristics. Some go as far as discriminating against them, though the three species are each equally potentially talented and intelligent.


Wilds; This is what they're best known as, although their official title is Devons. It's not often they come to city areas as they prefer nature over technology. What sets them apart from Devils is that their entire bodies are usually covered in fur/hair(depending on their race, this can vary). (Basically a Furry.)

Demons; They appear to be animals who speak and think like Devils and Wilds, but are more likely out of all three species to have the ability to use magic. They're very stealthy because they can hide and pretend to be a mere animal, and for this they are often best with jobs that involve sneaking around. (Basically an animal with the intelligence of a Devon or Devil, and they can usually use magic.)



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