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Welcome to our beloved Hotspring resort! We are here to offer you the best, most relaxing time of your lives. Here we offer, your personal cabin you can rent for a time. We offer food and drink services, straight from our own garden and farm called "Nomads". Here is our Resort map!


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Our cabins, are quite spacious! Multiple rooms, two baths and a living area. Our resort takes extreme pride in the property! If you find anything faulty let the staff know! We will be there to fix it right up! We also offer golf carts to get around, all is well if you need to get some place quick!





Shy about sharing with others? Well we offer a private hotspring as well! For you and a friend, or is it you and your family? Either way we don't mind, as long as you're having fun!





Our public springs varies in styles! This is just a taste of what we have in store! Want something more rocky and classic? We have that too just on the other side of our lounge building.





Interested in taking a swim instead of a soak? We have a lake you could boat on, or we have a swimming pool! You decide which you'd like to do! We offer rentable boats, from pontoon to the faster speeds for the extra fun on the inner tube! We also allow you to bring your own boat, so don't hesitate ok?





1) No profile, no entry! Can't stress this enough. If you don't know how to make a profile, please ask someone to help you. This also means NO PROFILES ON OTHER SITES linked into your profile. Seriously less stress this way.


2) No drama or get out!!! This is a peaceful room, I don't want harassing assholes and drama running in my room.


3) Keep things simple! If someone doesn't like something you do to his or her character, respect them and stop performing this act. So please read profiles and ask if they're ok with certain things. Kinks, limits, likes, etc are a must to let others know what you like.


4) BE FRIENDLY. If someone comes in please great them! Don't sit around doing nothing or waiting for someone to post. The more friendly people, the better.


5) Keep your opinions to yourselves. We allow all races, genders, ages IC in the room. BUT if you're below 18 as site suggests you will be removed from the chat.


6) Nudity is recommended, but not required within the room. But be warned there will be plenty of nudity!


7) Please don't shame other's interests. But still follow rule number 4.


8) Come in with a casual post. For some it's hard to post to an explosive or "last minute power shield thingy" to decend the last couple of seconds. A nice old fashioned walk in would be nice.


9) Don't pm someone for with anything against their profile. If you don't like it, then that's on you.


10) No image posts! Kickable only so please refrain from using images.