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Welcome to Star Wars Saga!

Here you'll find information pertaining to your general surroundings and rules for RP. As it currently stands, the room is without a set location in mind — so long as your character(s) are able to operate within the Star Wars Universe, you are welcome to write whatever story you wish. The idea is to let your creativity flourish freely, though we understand some people are wary. For those that may need a backdrop to guide them, click on the last tab for a gallery of various locations to get started.

RP tends to happen sporadically and sometimes having an extra boost of motivation is all it takes to write something incredible. Please look over the group rules and bring any issues you have to one of the Owners or Mods. There are an endless number of possibilities to explore in the Star Wars universe; your journey has only just begun.

Please heed the following

Plenty of leniency exists within Star Wars, but that doesn't mean the group is without a need for structure. Patrons, Owners and Moderators alike are expected to honor the following rules upon entry. This room will operate on a 3-strike disciplinary system. First offense: Warning. Second offense: Kick. Third offense (or Second, depending on previous severity): Ban.

1 Respect. It should go without saying; does it really need to be questioned? OOC respect is demanded by everyone who enter or participate in the room, regardless of status, personality, or authority. Just because your character is an asshole doesn't mean that you get to be, too. Trolling will not be tolerated and intentional harassment will earn you nothing but a metal-plated boot out the door.

2 Characters must be apart of, or related to the Star Wars Universe. In other words, your character can be anything from an OC Jedi, to an intergalactic alien; all walks of life are welcome to partake in the fun. However, please be mindful of your surroundings. This is a Star Wars room, and thus the laws of the Star Wars universe must be adhered to. Ask a moderator or owner for character help if you're unsure if something will be allowed in the room. Basically, if it doesn't seem like your character is meant to be mingling amongst the company of Jedi, Sith, Droids or varying species of Alien in a bar like the Mos Eisley Cantina, (Canons belonging to other universes; example: Marvel or DC) then it may be wise to consider making some changes.

3 Speaking of characters: YES, doubles are allowed in the room. If you want to play someone Canon but see that the name is already taken, don't let it deter you from playing the character you have your heart set on. Multiple RPs are very frequent and bound to happen. For example: If two Kylo Rens are in the same room together, but are writing in two of their own separate RPs, then there isn't a problem and both writers benefit. Just remember not to impose on someone else's story or shove yourself into a space that's already been filled. This is a rule we're offering quite a few luxuries with. Please be mindful and respectful of each other's character and their muse.

4 Lurking is allowed on unrelated character names only on the grounds of temporary observance (Your status must make it clear that you're only there to watch; not participate). None of us are here to force people to RP if their muses aren't being cooperative; sometimes all it takes is a quick look of what the atmosphere is like to get a better idea of how to RP in the room. We will only be lenient about this rule up to a point. Please do not take advantage by continuously bringing in unrelated characters, especially if you have no intentions of making one relevant to the Star Wars universe. Excessive abuse of this rule will result in either a warning, kick, or a ban at the Moderator's discretion.

5Intentional trolling, unnecessary aggression, or just nonsensical shit-starting will not be tolerated in any way. As previously stated, this room generally operates under a 3-strike system but will make exceptions depending on the severity of an issue. Coming into the room JUST to troll will result in an instant ban without warning. Otherwise, continuously testing the waters will call for a warning, kick, or permanent ban. Please PM an Owner or Moderator to discuss any issues you feel need to be addressed. We're all here to have a good time and RP, not worry about the people trying to purposely ruin the fun.

6 Please respect the decisions made by an Owner or Moderator. The general atmosphere is meant to be carefree and lax with no set schedules for RP. We're trying to do everything we can to keep it that way, so don't be that guy who makes additional group rules necessary. A Moderator's decision to take disciplinary action will always be based on rational justification. In other words, none of us are interested in playing 'favorites' or letting certain people get away with breaking the rules. They apply to everyone; therefore, everyone must acknowledge them.

7 Your character must have a profile of SOME kind, even if basic statistics are listed. Blank profiles may be kicked if a Moderator feels that the observation period has reached its limit (multiple entries without any character info listed).

8 Absolutely NO visible smut will be allowed in a character's profile. Those which contain NSFW images will be kicked immediately without any prior warning beforehand. Multiple entries without the appropriate changes being made to a profile will result in a ban.


More than a handful of Smut rooms exist on RPH and this is assuredly not one of them. (If your character's photo seems a little risque and you're not really sure if it crosses the line, PM a Mod first to make sure it's safe). Should your character develop a story in which smut becomes part of the RP itself, it is to be done in PM — Please keep it out of the main room.

9 Additional rules may be added as they're deemed appropriate or necessary. Until then, please bring any questions or concerns you have to an Owner or Moderator for clarification. Remember, you're here to RP and have fun! Let's see just how far your adventures can take you.


Authoritative overseer to The First Order's regime and military. Stubborn, strict, and precise to a fault, Hux will still ensure that all is fair within the room. Even if it means having to take out the trash himself.

R2-D2  owner

Atromech droid, programmer, hacker... and fluent in all things sarcasm. R2-D2 will not only strive to keep order and balance established within the room, but also that refreshments are always readily available.

MARRIS VALLAN  moderator

Bounty hunter. Freelance collector. Trickster — and one who keeps 'paychecks' on their toes.

"The power of the Force will guide me to victory."

KYLO REN  moderator

Sith to the Knights of Ren and Starkiller Commander.

"There is no need for concern. Together we will destroy the Resistance — and the last Jedi."


Jedi of the Gray order. Bringer of balance and tranquility to the galaxy. Distant. Reserved. Prepared.

"Peace among the stars? It is this I've yet to see."

XILORA KOMU moderator

Jedi in Training. Hey, by the way, what do you want your character's quote to be?

"I dunno. Just put 'Some scrub with a lightsaber.'"


Jedi Knight, or Sith Lord? With a stronger grip on the Force than most, his destiny lies on the path he treads.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing..."

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