Elven Wars is text based roleplay set in the world of Avaar, taking place in Rphaven in the room under the same name.

This is a free world where there are two factions in war - the light elves and the dark elves. You may be other species but you MUST to choose a faction, a side of the war. No third parties, your character must belong to either LEF or DEF.

Owner note: There are people inside each faction that claim for different things than the Lighties wanting genocide or the Darkies world domination. Light elves that simply want the dark elven folk to be left alone and given the proper respect. Dark elves that wish to melt with the other cultures and to know more about the life without having to stab and lie constantly. Perhaps I'm being too ambitious for this, but my main goal is to make a world where characters have a set of rules and then fight against it. That's why I male no neutral playable grounds, with two and only two sides. Like that, the characters are forced to fight either with the other faction or between themselves to right their own faction. Allow things to be organic, so to say.

"Dark doesn't mean they are evil and light doesn't mean they are good. Both factions are grey, but they fight against the other as their cultures are really different and clash more than anything. There is good and evil within each faction."

If you need help, just let the owner know as the site is still being worked on.

May the darkness take you.




They are witch and monster hunters, the defender of the innocents, these are the best in Ordo. The best of their kind are the Knights, given contracts to kill certain targets, they accomplish their task without hesitation for it is for the greater good. Their roam in the surface lead them to hope in forever purging the corruption and impurities of this world - the dark elves.

There is no age limit known. Their towns are usualy in the tree tops and they are a patriarch society where females may often be pushed aside and may need to work harder to acheive a higher ranking

They accept other races for their war but with restrictions. No demon, monster or unholy creature tainted with evilness can join their ranks.

"The gods of light call us to serve justice and there is no justice in slaying the innocent for the sins of their masters."

The drowlath

The drowusu

Located in the far underground where no living man dared to set foot, Xaphan was built from the ground up and gained an infamous reputation through the acts of the ruler of the city. The dark elven people enjoy politics and castle intrigues but their Lord has his eyes set on another activity; war. His desire is to conquer the world and make humanity taste the curse of Death. The only powerfull enough to oppose them are the Light elves

There are two main races of Dark elves, the drowlath and the drowusu:

Drowlath: The more common one. Black skin and usually excelent with melee.

Drowusu: The so called grey ones. Usualy better at magic and summoning schools. It is not usual for them to mate with the Drowlath as they wish to keep their abilities pure.

Both live up to 600 years in civilization as there is a pool of mana that they can tap to keep their vitality. The more condensed are their towns, the longer the elves live. Their towns are usualy in the underground and they are a matriarchal socieity where males have to work harder to get a worthy position.

They accept other races for their war but they always see then as inferior, even if the rewards are bigger than with the enemy faction. Their goal? World domination.

Important information for y'all.

1 - All races are welcomed.

2 - Powers are limited, so you will need to ask the owner or the moderator. We might ask you to make certain changes or not use certain powers in this particular roleplay

3- Angels and Demons are frowned upon, due to the extreme powers. But its still possible, if your character is balanced

4- Rules for magic, religion and the sort from DnD realm. sorta

5- Be polite and have grammer on your posts. This shouldn't be a rule, but just in case someone forgets.

6- The combat and the overal rp is done in turns. Wait for your turn.

7- Insults, when done ICly, are permited. If your character is a pootty mouth, don't be afraid to show it.

8- Smut only on Pms. That said, all the actual RP has to take place on the group room.

9- Keep the writer knowlegment away from the character knowledgement.


How to get Kicked/Banned - guide for dummies

1- Kill someone else's character without consent - no warning, off you go

2- Be offensive, oocly, to any of the members. You will be warned twice then kicked.