Hello and welcome to the Kingdoms,

a new group that rather then have a firm set up back ground the members create the world.

Group ideals

The main idea of this group will be to fill in the map below (not yet listed as of now) people who join can create anything to their hearts desire. Mountains, lakes, kingdoms caverns the world truly is a blank canvas and we have very small requirements to add to it.

The group can be used to meet people, express yourself and have fun. But major events will be happing in this world, dates and times of this events will be posted long before they happen to give everyone a chance to join in on the adventures.

Hints of what may come will also be listed further down.


Please, to cut back on confusion once you join the group you will be expected to have a character from your created region (or one from the region you chose to be a part of). Newcomers or people just wanting to see what the group is like is completely fine but you may be kicked if a group event is going on and you interupt it with random chatter. Please check here often to make sure you arent intruding on a rp.




(map will go here, we do have one. which will change to show new locations as they are created)


Country name                        Bullet points Created by
  • Highly militaristic
  • Makes heavy use of magic
  • May be planning invasions of nearby kingdoms


Sad Summoner
  • Small country with many jobs
  • Crime is going down
  • Neutral in any conflict


Amy Lowrie
  • User/Gm developed storyline
  • Currently in "normal life" phase
  • Present day with technological advances


 Zithen Spectre
  •  Victorian era steampunk
  • Attempts neutrality
  • Has strong military
 Gerald Ivasio

Group rules

1. You dont HAVE to make a country, but it is an option.

2. Respect people within the room.

3. Know the differince between In character and out of character.

4. Sex between characters (if it happens) is to be taken into a private chat.

5. When you enter please watch to make sure there is not an rp in progress.