"Welcome to Girls Only!"


Under Construction, mind the dust!

There comes a time in every girls life when she just needs to get away from guys. That's what the Girls Only Hotel was built for. A paradise for women of all kinds. It is also a place to meet friends and have fun. Please welcome yourself to the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the many activities we provide for you. Also take a chance to relax in the comfortable rooms we've made just for you. Be it alone or with that special someone. GxO never fails to satisfy.


1. No males, period. This includes femboys and cross-dressers. Futanari, reverse traps, and shemales are allowed however.
—1.1 Multi-character profiles are welcome, but encouraged to have background info on all characters listed within. We want to play with you, after all! (Female siblings and partnered characters allowed. If you're not sure, just ask!)
—1.2 Characters with unknown or ambiguous genders allowed. Just make sure there's a girl under that disguise of yours!

2. Having the right kind of profile is one of the most important parts to your stay with us. Here are the minimal requirements:
-The profile needs either a picture, or a very detailed description of your character's appearance. We want to know what they look like!
-Profiles must have a bio about your character that is at minimum of 3-5 lines of text. Some examples for profile content include: history, background, personality, and basic information. Other guests will want to know who they're playing with, after all!
-Stats and OOC sections are optional, but encouraged.
-No completely bare profiles allowed, you will be asked to leave and come back after it's been filled out. If you need help with a profile or want to make sure it's up to room standard, don't hesitate to ask one of our staff!

Profiles that don't meet these requirements will be notified of this. If you are unwilling to fix your profile, then you will be kicked until you do. If you wish to work on it, then let a mod know you are working on it. You will be then given a 1 hour grace period to add the required information.

3. Girls Only is a smut-free room. We hope to keep everyone comfortable during their stay, so we ask that you take any roleplay involving smut or smutty actions (groping, grinding, etc.) to PM. All other forms of RP are welcomed and encouraged!
—3.1 Cat-calling in the room won't be tolerated. (e.g. "Mmm, nice ass," "I'd like a piece of that.") We hope to provide a pleasant, welcoming environment for all of our guests!

4. If RP is going on in chat, try and be respectful and refrain from flooding the room with OOC chatter.

5. What happens in PMs is your own business unless it directly relates to room or group harassment/problems. If this happens, provide a mod with a screenshot of the harassment so they can act appropriately. We like to keep our room as drama-free as possible!

6. Know how to differentiate IC and OOC. Not everyone's character acts the same as how they would OOC, so no hard feelings!

Setting and themes being set up!

Stay tuned for some changes soon.