Hello and welcome to the Sailor Moon Eternal group page! We've been around for a few years now and we're looking at starting up some plot once again. Listed below is the basic storyline from where our roleplay picks up within the fandom, the current plot saga, as well as the group rules and roster. If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please feel free to message either Ami Mizuno or Sailor Uranus. One of them is bound to be lurking about!

Basic Storyline

After the battle with Galaxia, the girls asked Luna and Artemis for them to remove their memories of fighting, but keep their strong bond of friendship. But Minako and Artemis serectly returned to life, Minako once more becoming Sailor V. A couple of years have passed since the battle with Galaxia, there been long needed peace in the galaxy. The inner senshi griping tighter at there dreams. Usagi moving in with Mamoru, Ami going to college in Japan for her Medcial and under intership under her Mother, Saeko. Rei becoming a High Priestress at the family temple. Makoto has started up her very own cafe and bakery and attends the same college as Ami, studying to become a Master Chef. Minako found a modeling and singing contact that tours around the world, but mostly in Japan. Luna and Artemis allowed the request in making a fake memory of their school years and keeping their friendships. Now that the Inner Senshi have no memory of their combat.. would there be a new evil in the shadows.. waiting? Only time will tell!

Current Plot

There is a darkness brewing within present day Tokyo, Japan. The Inner Senshi are starting to awaken one by one, taking up their role as Pretty Guardians after the large battle with Galaxia. Enemies of the past are starting to appear, their intentions unclear. Allies of the future are traveling into the present. What could be awaiting the Senshi this time?

Known only to a few the Outer Senshi, the existence of Neo Queen Serenity has appeared from the far future due to a devastating war waged against Chaos. Having taken up an alias, Shizukesa takes up residence with Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru. Setsuna, the Time Keeper has returned from the stream of time after sensing the disturbance. Unknown to all, Neo Queen Serenity was not the only one to travel from the future. Chaos gave chase and now lurks in the shadows, plotting against our heroes. A great battle is on the horizon. A great darkness is about to rise. Will the Senshi succeed in saving the universe, or will they fail as their future counterparts had?



00. Do not take the layout code for your own personal use. It was made specifically for SME by Hotaru. If you wish to use it, PM her to ask her. If granted, credit to her must be visible and present.

01. Here at Sailor Moon Eternal, we encourage you to create a profile for your character. It doesn’t have to be any fancy since coding ability does not equate roleplaying ability, however, many members will not interact with others unless they have some basics to present. A general list of stats and a picture would suffice. We also encourage you to create an out of character section so that way members have a good idea on what personal guidelines you follow.

02. Original characters are welcomed, however, must be approved by the mods. This requires those who make original characters to have a full fleshed out profile. You must have biography of history, personality and provide what they have to contribute to the Sailor Moon roleplay. After you have created your character and profile, it will be reviewed by the mods whom with either accept your character or reject with some constructive criticism for improvement.

03. Players may be required to demonstrate their roleplaying ability with a sample post. This is not to judge so much on your literacy since we know English isn’t everyone’s first language but to see how well you portray your character.

04. This room is primarily for roleplay. We understand that you may be multi-tasking and your attention is preoccupied, but we try to keep lurking to a minimal. If you’re wanting to see how the room operates and how roleplay is, that’s fine. Just don’t drop in to lurk for lurk sake. Let us know your intentions.

05. If you have an issue with a player and their actions, please (we cannot stress this enough), bring it to the attention of a mod. Mods are there to help keep the room organized and to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. We don’t want problems to arise or worse, people leaving because someone wants to be an idiot. Let us know if there is a problem so we can fix it.

06. This room requires its players to be the age 18+, as are the rules of the site. However, we keep the intended roleplay at PG-13 due to younger characters. Keep this in mind when you create your posts. No smut is allowed in the room, keep your public display of affections tuned on low (we don’t want people to be uncomfortable with people being kissy faced at each other), and your descriptions of your appearance and/or clothing on an appropriate level. We don’t care what kind of undergarments you’re wearing or how large your chest and hips are.

Character Roster

Please understand that by taking up a character role means you are here to role play, not take the role and not use it. Players that do not play as their taken characters will be removed and the position will be opened for others who may want it. Thank you for understanding this.

Hover over image to see if character is available or taken.

 Royal Family

 The Guardians

 Inner Senshi

 Outer Senshi

 Sailor Quartet

 Sailor Starlights

 Four Heavenly Kings

 Original Characters

 Other Taken Characters

 Other Available Characters

(Just know that if you take one of these as a role, you must present your character means. How are they alive? What purpose do they have to reappear? This subject to change.)
-Queen Beryl
-Queen Metaria
-Queen Nehelenia
-Tiger's Eye
-Hawk's Eye
-Sailor Galaxia
-Sailor Aluminium Siren
-Sailor Lead Crow
-Sailor Tin Nyanko
-Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
-Sailor Pewter Fox
-Sailor Titanium
-Misc Humans Click for list
-Misc Aliens