Toon World
Yeah it's somthing like that.

���� This group is exactly what it sounds like. The greatest mix mash of cartoons you can think of all coming together in one place. The possiblities are only as limited as your imagination, this is a place where anything can happen at anytime. We welcome all types of mix matched toons from the world's greatest Earthbender, Toph, to the sultry Jessica Rabbit. In a world where you can be saved by the interenet super freak Freakazoid to being scammed out of your last quarter by those oh so charming Ed Boys, it is a place full of excitement.

Allowed List!

����� This is awesome! We now have enough members and requests that we are opening our group up to allow even more characters! While we are still trying to avoid pure OCs right now we are opening our doors to Comic Book characters. Got a character from an obscure comic? Bring them on in.



Cartoon Network

Comedy Central

and much much more

Now including the numerous comic book characters out there!

Oh yes there are rules

���� Of course there are rules. Without them we'd be nothing more than a bunch of animals. To maintain quality and comfort for our members these rules are in effect for all members and visitors to our group. If the situation calls for it more rules shall be added to deal with any problems that occure. With the foresight for a potential problem for now we are NOT accepting doubles of characters, this may change pending on attendence of said characters.

1. Don't talk about Toon World

2. DO NOT talk about Toon World

3. No Anime or Mlp there are other rooms for you

4. Please No troll names, you will be banned

�5. NO doubles at this time

6. Pure smut seekers not allowed

7. Three Kicks=Banned

8. OC characters are not allowed

Still a WIP