The Story

The world of Terra is underseige. It all began in Hildebrant, with the house Darkfen and the tyrannical king Thaydon II, a man who quenched his thirst for new lands with the blood of his enemies. His son, Thaydon III, has done no better with the crown on his head-- first making a grave enemy of the people of the mountains, the Dothombarians.

His second act was the seige of Doreryn and the capture of the princess Sabariel, whom he forced into a marriage and stripped her of her elven name, renaming her Queen Adalaria of Hildebrant. The conquest of Everraine was an easy feat for the kingdom of Hildebrant, forming an alliance in the name of aiding their allies during their time of darkness, and soon all but overthrowing the royal family and turning their prince into a puppet. Now they've set their eyes on the warm sands of Castiris to do the same.

But there are those within Terra who protest Hildebrant's plans of world dominion. Within the barren wastelands lays the oasis Brom, a land that will not see their utopia fall under Thaydon's rule. The people of Dothombar have also made it clear that they will no longer accept aggression from the Metal Kingdom. In the secluded lands lay Silvesrea, which will not see war destroy the walls of their land built with the magic of the earth. Then there are the Dragon-bloods, a hidden land of death and fire-- but will they stay within their realm for long, or will the dragons awaken and destroy Hildebrant's plans of domination, and take Terra for themselves?

Who are you? Who shall you align yourself with? What will you make of your time in Terra? Who shall rise... and who shall fall? It is up to you.

The Rules



[1.] There is no god-moding/plot-moding. Any major plot evens that affect the entirety of the group need to be discussed beforehand with the owner. We are not looking for any new kingdoms/lands, as we have plenty to choose from.



[2.] While we do have an NPC roster, please don't let it dissuade you from choosing an NPC's faceclaim. Active characters take faceclaim priority over NPCs.


[3.] All smut goes to private; don't come to the room for the sole purpose of soliciting for smut.


[4.] If you'd like to play an NPC, let the owner know and we'll see what we can arrange.


Fighting Style Rules


  • [1.] The group is currently undergoing a test run for a die-style fighting system, since RPH has incorporated die rolls.


[2.] We are doing die-rolls strictly for attacks and defenses-- all other interactions are free to be done without rolling a die.


[3.] The purpose of using a die-roll is to keep the fighting more balanced and exciting, as well as to discourage god-moding or overpowered characters.


[4.] All die-rolls will be done on one 12-sided die, with 1 being a critical failure, and 12 being a critical success.


[5.] The owners/mods/opponents will not enforce specific damages/successes (example: if you roll a one on defense, you decide how your character is critically injured; we will not tell you what happens specifically to your character, to leave it up to the players).