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Item 47 - Rules of Engagement

• Failure to comply with the rules will result in termination in access. We operate on a three leveled system. 1) You will be spoken to. 2) Kick from the room. 3) Banned.

• No drama will be tolerated in this group. If you propose drama, you will suffer the consequences. If you have any issues concerning another player, please, bring it to the attention of a mod. Mods are there to help keep the room organized and to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. We don’t want problems to arise or worse, people leaving because someone wants to be an idiot. Let us know if there is a problem so we can fix it.

• Stay respectful toward other players. No insults, harassment or trolling. IC permitted, OOC is not. Even though it is permitted IC, do NOT abuse it. Players may be very familiar with your character and will know if you’re abusing this.

• If there is roleplay going on in the chat, please be considerate and keep OOC to a minimal. If need be, a separate room could be created for OOC banter.

• Literacy. No shorthand writing. Use proper capitalization and punctuation. Typos and grammar mistakes happen but try to keep them at a minimal. English might not be your first language and we understand that but if it is your first language, you should know how to use it properly.

• Profiles must have some sort of content in them. It doesn’t have to be a fancy coded profile but please supply the essentials of a picture and basic information on your character. An OOC section is not required but encouraged.

• No sexual content is permitted in the character profiles. Keep it classy, not trashy. No one wants to see your breasts or genitalia.

• An audition post may be required to join the group. This is up to the discretion of the mods. This is to see how well you portray your character.

• Playing canon characters requires you to stay as close to canon as canonly possible. Misuse of your character can jeopardize your spot on the character roster which may be revoked and given to someone else.

• The group is Marvel Earth-199999. No DC Comics or other comic based characters permitted. Concerning Marvel 616 characters, there is a possibility they could be accepted if they serve purpose in our Agents of SHIELD world. If this is your choice of character, please provide an explanation on why your character is involved and what they have to offer. Same ruling as OCs and must be approved by a mod.

• Since this seems to cause problems in other groups, no doubles will be permitted. This will also eliminate any problems concerning plot progression and players. There are other characters that can be portrayed as well as the option of an acceptable OC.

• OCs are allowed within the room, though it is at the discretion of the roleplayer to interact with them. OCs must be appropriate for the universe being played in and must be approved by a mod to engage in serious RP. OCs must have a fully fleshed out profile so players have an understanding of your character. Canons can be looked up through wikias, OCs cannot. OC agents are human with no superhuman abilities or a clearance level 5 and above.

• Do not assume that as an OC, you have prior connections to a canon character unless you have RP’d it out. That being said, do not push these expectations onto any canon characters that enter the room; they are not obligated to acknowledge these relations.

• Group page made by me, Skye. Be respectful and kind, don't steal the codes. I'll know if you do.

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