Rules for Lone wolf Tavern


1. Managers always have the final say and should be given the respect as such. If you do not or cannot live with that, then you do not need to be here. (Go to close button and dont let the door hit you on the butt! We do NOT want AssPrints on our new door!)

2. You can fight any style you want to as long as it is agreed upon by all of the involved parties.

3. Keep OOC and IC separate. (i.e. DO NOT bring your personal OOC tiffs into a storyline and vise versa.)

4. Must go to the OOC room and be added to the post order before entering the RP.

5. DO NOT kill another character in this Realm with out making OOC arrangements with all parties involved and without at least two managers approving it. (i.e. assasinations are prohibited under this rule)

Rule #5 addendum: If for some reason you bring RL drama into IC s/l's, your character WILL be killed by ANY manager, and your membership WILL be REVOKED! This addendum is NOT subject for discussion.

6. No posting RL names in storylines.

7. When posting (ALL POST, not just Storylines) please use a font color.Do not use unreadable colors (i.e. Yellow on White or light light pink on white.)

8. Please have mutual respect for each other. DO NOT bash another person’s creativity, imagination, writing styles, character creations, etc.

9. This is in respect to Managers. There are 5 managers (Andormida,Lizphariss,Caja,Nevarre,Tsunami Shijo) that is it!!!

Note about The God/desses: For those that are intimidated by the fact that there are God/desses here, dont be. This is by no means a form of the so called, invincible "God Moding" or whatever you want to call it. This is out version of Managers/ Ast. Manager list. There is NOONE on that list that is not a manager or ast. manager. This does not mean that these characters can NOT be killed. The only ones that might be damn near impossible to kill is Andomida and Caja. Why? Well Duh, They own the damn place. They can do whatever they wants. Yes, the God/desses do have special powers. I hope this clears this up a little bit and if you have any further questions about this, please Pm one of the managers and we will be more than happy to talk to you. WE ARE NOT THAT MEAN HERE! Despite what some may say.

10. If you are a newbie (a.k.a. a newcomer) to this Realm, then you are not a god. There will be no more making of Gods, or Goddesses for that matter, without managers explicit permission. There will be no more of this “self-made” god stuff, either. The only exceptions are those characters born to Godparents. These characters are Gods because they were born to 2 Godparents and are actually played by one of the managers (usually the same player as the parent.) Also, if your character is allowed to become a god, this does not allow you to be invincible or all mighty. You will have power. Even then there will be VERY little god moding allowed. This will eliminate redundancy.

11. Lets keep drama to a minimum please. OOC drama is fine as long as it doesn't go into the RP Boards. Of course we do like some drama on the RP Boards, it would get rather boring if everyone were just sitting around the Main Room drinking bloodwyne. But as it was said before, keep OOC and IC separate.

12. Have Fun!

~The Management

(All rules and guidelines are subject to change. Notification will be posted on the General Baord of all changes. No Dragons were harmed in the making of these guidelines.)